123 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M5C

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Good Day,
Attached is a biography of our company and line of products available. We are new on the market and have been in business for just over a year. These new line of bed bug and infestation products are high in demand and soon to be #1 on the market. They have been university tested individually and with our competitors and have come out on top! All our products are completely child and pet safe and no toxic. Only one of its kind on the market due to the traps removable adhesive cart

ridges. We would like to set up a future meeting at your convenience to display and sample our products for you. Please feel free to contact me at anytime for further information, questions, or concerns regarding BEAPCO and our products.
Thank you kindly for your time,

Kal Trivedi
Sales Associate
602 Colby Dr waterloo
Ont Canada
PH:519-746-2327 ext 242

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No bed bugs AT ALL! Great cleaning services! THIS IS A GREAT NOT BED BUGGY HOTEL

September 29-30 2010

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