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Holiday Inn Express on Lombard Street. I stayed there on November 3rd. The room was very nice and certainly appeared clean. On November 5th, back in my home, when I awoke I had what I thought was a rash on my face and neck. I figured as I was getting older I was developing allergies and attributed it to something the hotel uses to wash the sheets. By the end of the day I discovered welts on my arms and shoulders as well. I immediately started taking Benadryl and applying an off-the-shelf hydroso

rtisone. After a few days, it was not getting better. A few friends of mine suggested that it might actually be bed bug bites. I checked on the internet and educated myself on their habits and that when I read about the "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" linear bites. I was disgusted to realize that's what I had. I contacted the hotel and they provided several arguments that did not make any sense to me at all based on the research I had just done. The next day I went to a doctor who confirmed it to be bed bug bites. Now I was even more disgusted, and quite honestly, emotionally scarred to think that these parasites were crawling on me and sucking my blood while I slept. I still have trouble getting to sleep at night. Meanwhile the hotel called me back and confirmed that the room had been checked and there was indeed a problem and that were doing everything they could to rectify it. They also are crediting my visa for the room. YOU THINK???? I would say that's the least they could do!

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