96 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON M5B

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The building is infested with bedbugs, roaches and mice. The administration is rude and not helpful under any circumstance. The front desk security guard hits on women. Honestly, one of the biggest, most stressful mistakes I've made in awhile. Yes, rent is cheap but the stress caused by the infestations and lack of support from management isn't worth the discount. Oh and if you're moving in on the south side of the building, especially from the 10th floor down, be prepared to

deal with extreme levels of noise. Prostitutes and violent mentally ill men frequently situate themselves by the front door. This building is not safe, comfortable or clean and all of the 'amenities' are often not up and running.

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Lived here for a few years - I have never experienced bed bugs. Someone I know in the building had bed bugs and the staff were so good about setting up the fumigation and even compensated for laundry. A friend of mine had bed bugs in a different apartment building and they wouldn't compensate for anything... This building goes above and beyong!

Bedbugs! I saw them with my own eyes. Since I have moved here I used to get rushes. I used to check regularly my sleeping area and was never able to find anything. So, I thought that these rushes are due to the stress at school. Recently I caught one bedbug. Again, I checked the place where I sleep - nothing, no signs. Apparently, they come from other units.

I have been living here for more than 2 years, sudeepand all the time used to get some kind of itchy "pimples" on my face and on my bo

dy; I doubted that they can be related to bedbugs. It took me 2 years to find out it. No wonder that bedbugs are so difficult to eliminate.

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Lived here since summer 2011 (and still do) I have friends on all different floors and units and have no reports of bugs or anything. I talk to the security guards and there's no reports in the past year. All is good.

I am going to stay at this address for two weeks at the end of this month. I saw all the reports on this page and I am scared. Does anyone know any current problem with bed bugs at this address?

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Anonymous on 12/06/2010

I had bed bugs in 9D a couple years ago. My roommate had it horrible. A good idea is to put masking tape along the baseboard on the wall and around the electrical outlets. I did that and had no problems after a fumigation or two.

the 3rd floor is good.

I'm glad I dodged that bullet! Lived in 9D4 Sep 2005 - Apr 2006, 6C3 May-Aug 2006, and 2Y5 (back townhouse) Sep 2006 - Apr 2009, so I've played Russian Roulette with the bed bugs but I won since I

never saw any or knew of anyone who had the problem the entire time I was there. My girlfriend also stayed in 13D4 Sep 2006 - Apr 2007. I also frequented the Hanke Lounge on the top floor to study for long lengths too and not a single bed bug.

The last year I was there, there was a mouse that would run between mine and my girlfriend's room and we named him Stan. The mice travel between vents, but they're not so bad. My roomate trapped at least 6 mice between 9D and 2Y, and one trap even had 2 mice at the same time. I've had a mouse in each room I've been in and they do no harm as long as you don't have food on your floor.

With the back townhouses what you really have to watch for are squirrels and cats that jump through the window bars. Dust also gets blown in every night by the street cleaner. Homeless people have also kicked in the door a couple times. Security never seems to fix this issue because about a year after having moved out, I was told that someone broke into my old unit and cleaned out everyone's laptops, tvs and any electronics. Security also goes around from time to time just to see if they can kick in the door.

My girlfriend was also on front desk staff so she had a heads up about where bed bugs were. If you can ask/befriend some of the front desk staff, you'll have an advantage.

The fire alarm will often go off since some kids never learned how to cook and when their oven smokes they open the door to the main hall so the entire building's alarm goes off. It can go on for 15-40min, and it usually happens about twice a week, sometimes at retarded hours of the night.

The management office can get cranky at times and you have to do everything under the sun to avoid being charged some kind of fee. I moved out of 6C and had 2 empty gatorade bottles in the trash can and someone had broken the lock and put a garbage bag of clothes in there and I would have been charged if I didn't deny ownership. Roomates are a completely different story...

The only redeeming quality about this place is the dirt-cheap rent. When you get used to how things are run, you learn what to avoid, but if you don't want to go through all of what I've outlined, just stay the fuck away.

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I lived in Neill-Wycik for about a year and a half and it was the biggest scam I have ever had to deal with in my entire life. The beds were dusty and dirty and when I first moved in I did not expect there to be bed bugs so I did not check. After a week or two I started waking up with big red bites on my back and Then I checked my bed sides and the mattress was crawling with TONS of bed bugs. It was the most disgusting sight, definately not worth the money to stay here. They had charged me count

less times for random fines that I was not even a part of. One time I got charged 60 dollars for someone not cleaning up the common area floor. It is also not welcoming having their asshole security squad barging through our rooms every day or two. It would be nice to have a place where I could live in my OWN house that I pay for and not have to worry about being harassed on a daily basis, and having to worry about getting bit by bed bugs all the time. So on top of all the random fines me and my room mates were getting we had to pay to get the bed bugs removed. I have also heard many other stories of similar nature regarding bed bugs from other residents in this building. DO NOT STAY IN THIS BUILDING. IT IS A SCAM AND A DUMP. I would rather sleep on the street to ever go back there and deal with the shitty service and horrible living conditions.

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Lived here for 2 years 2004-2006. Lived on the 4th floor. Moved into a 'B' unit and had what the workers called: "the worst infestation they had ever seen". I complained to the office and was told that it was my own fault for having people over, which I didn't because I hated where I lived. Then when they sprayed, it didn't do anything. I moved out and had to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of furniture. They offered me $6 in compensation for doing laundry, which I did over $40 worth of. The

n they kept my security deposit because they had to fumegate again. When questioned about it, they refused to return any of my calls.

Neil Wycik is known to be infested, they refuse to accept this and dont do enough to stop it.

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I have been living here and recently encountered a bad case of bed bugs at this location. My room mates have it in their rooms as well and I know people up on the 7th floor who also say they have it. So clearly it does not make a difference how low to the ground you are (we are in 3G). This place seems to be falling apart on the inside and clearly has mold growing in the bathroom. You can't beat the price but honestly, I mid as well be staying in a hostel. I advise no one attempt to stay at this

place. Also you will need to bring a lot of patience when dealing with their security team at the front test as they will harass you every time you walk in to the building. By this I mean making sure all your guests are signed in, and will sometimes even barge in your living quarters. All around this place was the worst decision I have ever made and now I have to deal with bed bugs as well, Not impressed...

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I've been living here for close to two years and have personally never encountered bedbugs in my unit, nor have any of my friends in the building. I have heard tales of them being a problem years ago, but you will honestly be susceptible to them in ANY building in Toronto, even nice hotels. As for if you DO get bedbugs in your unit in Neill-Wycik, report it, and they will do their best to take care of it. I'm good friends with security, maintenance, and several members of the higher housing staf

f, they all take it very seriously and are not going to just make you live with pests. This is a wonderful place to live, especially at the price you're being offered for living in downtown Toronto, with a fabulous view if you're in the top half of the building.

I can't vouch for the quality of people you'll be roomed with though in your apartment. That's always hit or miss. Sometimes people just suck.

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I had bed bugs in 9D a couple years ago. My roommate had it horrible. A good idea is to put masking tape along the baseboard on the wall and around the electrical outlets. I did that and had no problems after a fumigation or two.

the 3rd floor is good.

i just moved in to neill wycik, there are no recent posts about bed bugs in the building, just wondering if any specific floors are having problems now?

I've been here for approximately 4yrs. I have yet to come across any bed bugs personally but will not deny them being in the building as I have seen the evidence (bites and bodies of the bugs) myself. I hope to not ever have to deal with them myself but I've taken precaution to avoid an infection to which all of you can do yourselves. A mattress cover is a great option.

I currently live on the 12th floor, and am just now experiencing bed bugs. I was here last year too but I didn't have a problem. So far I've only had 5 bites and they fumigated the room, but this morning I woke up with another one! To make matters worse, I can't have my room sprayed again until later on this week when the staff member who deals with bugs comes in! So for the next three nights I can either sleep on my uncomfy sofa or get bitten as I sleep! Terrible experience overall, although be

d bugs are everywhere, not just NW.

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Just curious if the NW coop still has bedbugs. It's been almost a year since the last report bites, etc. I've stayed there several times in the last ten years with no bedbug/rodent issues but, yeah, it's a bit funky and a student dorm (though in my experience half the best and half the worst of both of those hotel modes.)

Currently living in 13E.
No bed bugs that I've seen, but there's definitely a mouse problem.
We set traps.
I've caught one, and my roommate has caught 3 or 4.
We've all seen them in our bedrooms, as well as the kitchen. We think they travel through the vents.
At least mice don't bite you as you sleep...

I am thinking about moving to this building. If bed bugs are still a problem there?

Neill wycik.......
if you are planning to go here....DON'T!!!!! We are here now for 2,5 weeks. After 1 week my roommate had bites alll over her body, so the whole unit, (4 rooms) including the other units on the 10TH floor were being fumigated. Which means: pack all your stuff, was them and put them in the dryer, and ALL your other stuff -that can't be washed, think of personal belongings- needs to be frozen (in the freezer!!) so the bedbugs would freeze to death. 1 day later we heard that the

other floors 9 and 10 also had bedbugs.

So after we all did that we thought we got rid of them. NOT!! 1 week later 1 of my roommates found another bedbug on his desk, so now the whole unit will be fumigated again. It's HELLLLLL!!!

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Anyone with experience taking the issue of bed bugs to the Landlord Tenant Board please contact [email protected] asap. We have a hearing scheduled regarding a nearby buidling soon!

Problem is building-wide. Not all units at the same time but there are no safe floors. If you are able to change your reservation to another venue I would recommend considering it. If not, don't bring anything you aren't very willing to throw away upon departure, lest transporting the pests with you.

What floor and what unit did you stay in?

A couple of friends and I will be staying in this building for the coming weekend, I want to be sure not to stay in the same unit that you have experienced the bedbugs in.

Thank you.

My boyfriend and I spent two awful nights here last week August 6th and 7th on the 8th floor. After the first night I had two bites. I suspected bedbugs but didn't want to freak out but then I checked the mattress and saw the bedbugs among other bugs/dirt/gross things of undetermined origin.

We took every article of clothing and bagged it and put it in a HOT dryer so hopefully the bed bugs won't follow but you never know with these blood suckers.

Bottom line: do not stay here as a hostel

- do not live here as an apartment renter. I am sure as soon as one room is sprayed they simply move to the next- They have a sweet buffet going on here. Not one room/apartment is safe in this building.

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i lived at wysik for 2 years in the same unit, which was on the 4th floor, from 2006-2008. First year i had no problems tho a few units on the floor had gotton bed bugs. The second year when i moved back in to the same unit but different room i started experiencing bites. The place was fumigated but the bites still continued. I used to sleep on top of my covers and fully clothed. It was horrible, I got maintenance to take out that wooden bed, where bed bugs live!!!! It was fumagated a second tim

e. The mental framed bed treated me well and the bites stopped....

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the guy below is posting from the future. pretty sweet.

anyhow, i lived here the summer of 2004 on the 20th floor & never had a bed bugs problem-- just a nice family of mice running a muck for a few months. no property damage, just a little freaky to see one out of the corner of your eye while you\'re watching tv.

15F was the home for my son at Neill Wysik, in Sept. 2008. The whole place had been fumagated when his roommate complained of bites in early Sept.2008. Would you not fumagate before the kids moved in? Situation just got worse and worse. His roommate had welts. No wonder they charge such cheap rent. My biggest beef is that they did not act quick enough. And, should they not be made responsible for warning people of the situation there? I feel so sorry for these young people that can't afford to

move. Needless to say, my son moved out in Dec. to a more expensive apartment but I don't care, its worth putting out the extra bucks. Just an FYI, you can legally ask a renting landlord if he has had bedbug history and he legally has to tell you the truth.

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june 4th 08 i just moved outa wycik.
the whole year i was in an awesome unit no problems minus mice and the last month of may i just switches to 13E it was soo gross, because i travel every weekend i brought them to my home town to my parents house. i think we got rid of the promblem at my house we raided and cleaned from head to toe !!!

18A1 - Bedbugs. Stayed the night at friends place and found bugs on me.

Lived there for two years, the entire time I was constantly hearing about units with bedbugs, got them twice myself. I worked as a housekeeper for the summer hostel and there were tons of reports, I saw some guests get horrible rashes

i lived in neil wycik for 3 years the bed bugs were a problem then and that was five years ago i woke up one night and they were all over me from head to toe i still have nightmares about it

i did!

hey man, you should move out!

yeah they tried but failed the bugs kept coming back not months after but like the next day

I used to live at Neil Wycik when I was a student a few years ago.

How bad has the current bed bug situation spread within Neil Wycik? Doesn't the building staff/ maintenance staff suppose to look after the situation and make sure it doesn't spread from units to units?

bed bugs

To the person who have posted the "bug problem at Neil Wycik on 12/15/2007", please specify what type of bug problem is at Neill Wycik?

Submitted by "Neil Wycik" on 12/15/2007

15F fugmengated at least 3 times in the last 4 months, still a bug problem, bug problem all over the building. Moving out!

15F fugmengated at least 3 times in the last 4 months, still a bug problem, bug problem all over the building. Moving out!

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