70 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON M5B

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I, unfortunately, was diagnosed with a serious health issue, and as such needed to take quite sometime to get this under control, as mandated by my doctor. I had to leave my job, and as a consequence could not afford to pay my rent anymore. That led me to Mary's Emergency Shelter in Toronto at 70 Gerrard Street East. After being there for approx. 2 months, I started to recieve the odd bite here and there. Not thinking too much about it, (I've seen spiders in the room, and being summer, it could

have been a mosquitos), I did not complain to staff. The bites were exactly like the ones posted on your website, and were so itchy...they left scars. I have heard of bed bugs, but hey Mary's home can't be infested as once a month they have exterminators in for routine maintenance, and inspection, just incase.

When I spotted a bug approx. 1 month ago, I had no idea what is was. I tried to kill it, but it took a few "beatings" with my shoe to do it in. Again, not knowing exactly what I was dealing with, I just flushed the critter down the toilet. Then, lo and behold, it was time for the routine extermination, and inspection day. All shelter residence had to leave for the better part of the day, while they supposably "sprayed". I stayed behind in my room to to see exactly what went on once a month. What went on? Absolutely nothing. Nada. The staff sat around talking about all the residences, laughing, eating; you get the picture. I always suspected that the day of extermination was a farce, but I had to find out for my self. Shortly thereafter, a new resident complained that she was being bitten by bed bugs. Staff found a way to discharge her from the premises, blaming her for getting the bites elsewhere. Again, no extermination done. Having said all that, I had an overnight at a friends house at the time that I had been bitten. And I feel so badly that I could have brought one into thier home. I am stressed. I have since left the shelter, and I reside with the said friend. I left all my belongings behind at the shelter. Everything. And when you do not own much, it is a little disheartening. However, since i found your website and educated myself,(thank you), I am happy that I left everything! I told my friend what I experienced ie. the bites, the bug, your website, and he is not too worried. He feels that we should have been bitten by now. I am happy to state, that I haven't been bitten since I left the shelter, but I still worry. All his furniture is wood, and he lives in a split basment, freestanding home. The basement is full of wood beams. I inspected his mattress, and knock on wood (pun intended), nothing thus far. It has been approx. 2 weeks since I left the shelter and moved in to his home. I know that we are not out of the woods yet, (pun intended again *laughs).

Please be warry if you are sent to Mary's Home Emergency Shelter, Toronto ON; I am sure they are infested, and are turning a blind eye.

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