55 Mutual St
Toronto, ON M5B

Found 3 reports:

Went to look at this place. Called to ask if it was okay that I had a dog, and instead I got yelled at for being "stupid" and that I wasn't supposed to go there till 3:30 (our appointment was 3).

I went just to see what kind of a person this was and the owner was a disgusting waste of skin. The "one bedroom" was just A room that one would find difficulty fitting a bed into.

The biggest bug in this location was clearly the owner. DO NOT BOTHER!

Same sort of story, went to look at an available unit Sept 2011, saw a roach scurry under the fridge, turned to leave then got yelled at for not looking at the rest of the place when i refused to look at the bedroom..
Walls were full of cracks and pipes exposed, it was damp, dark, and dingy..
Just... stay away, you might waste their precious time. No wait, yours.

July 30, 2011

Went to look at an available unit. Notice on the door reported bed bug infestation in one of the units. Turned around and walked away.

Prospective tenants beware, I hear it also has a cockroach infestation.

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