423 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M5B

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bedbugs and drugs and LOTS of both at TCHC 423 Yonge. TCHC staff are trained to practice how to squeal the tires to head home at 4pm. the monthly rental income TCHC (city of Toronto) grabs from seniors resident here is approximatly $500 per unit and there's 300+ units = $150,000 per month = $1.8 million annualy (a rough guess)

have to wonder how Toronto city hall burns that much money doing nothing to PROPERLY clean out the bugs and drugs

June 2015 this building is fully infested with bedbugs, the whole building need to be treated not only random apartments. Horrible situation. Landlord doesn't care , they just treat apartment of those who complained and bedbugs moving to the next one, and there it goes round and round.

june 10/12 this building has a real problem with bed bugs and nothing is being done about it. this is a seniors building and reports have been made to housing ofc and the super and the health department and loft services on the 20th floor.There is one resident in paticular that has them crawling all over her body and a least 2-6 bugs killed at meal time every day. Every member of the staff on all the services of this building are ignoring this problem. Can we not get help somewhere if any one re

ads this and knows how post a notice. thanks.

see full report...

lot of bedbug in my apartment!

Most apartment in this TCHC senior building has bedbugs.

Toronto Housing Seniors Building Bedbugs in common areas and apartments

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