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It is the second week my boyfriend and I have lived here and I've already killed a handful of small roaches in our apartment. We knew what we were getting into moving here, but it's still unsettling and gross. We are very clean people and are constantly making sure there is no food left out and just trying to prevent bugs as much as possible. The grossest thing that's happened so far however occurred in the convenience store downstairs located inside the building. The first few days we were here

we stopped in for the first time to grab some drinks. Browsing the very minimal selection of snacks (and what seemed like very old snacks) I picked up a package of biscuits that seemed very light in weight for the size. I turned it around and there was a mouse sized hole in the package that looked like it was made with rodent bite marks and the layer of biscuits inside was eaten through. Disgusted and mortified I put the package down and noticed the woman working there staring at me. I whispered to my boyfriend not buy any food here and I'd explain later and we quickly left. I'm hoping the building does not have a mouse or rat problem and all we're going to deal with is small roaches.

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I've been living here for 3 months. Noticed the bedbugs and on the 1st week. roaches on the 3rd week. when I talked to the management, they straight forward denied. they said they go through rigorous cleaning every month. they are all stupid and won't do anything about it. I'm leaving next month. and not to mention the laundry machines are broken all the time. I had to go to a laundromat to do laundry. this place is a nightmare!

My boyfriend and I lived there for a year. The people they have working there are all idiots they have no idea how to manage a place let alone take care of it. There was construction going on at 8 in the morning in the building and the parking garage the whole time we lived there it was horrible. Our apartment was beside the garbage shoot and people just left their garbage outfront of it sometimes so of course the was roaches that would come into our place. But the building would take care of th


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Worst apartment I have lived in terms of maintenance. If an issue is reported it takes them around 6 months to follow up. I put in a request for someone to clean up some greasy mess that the previous tenant made before I moved in. I waited after I moved in patiently for them to clear it up. Nope...this was 8 months ago...when I try to remind them, the lady in the front outright lied to me that she had sent someone to fix it before and I was the one who missed seeing the person (really, enter my

house and I dont see you when I havent left home for the past 48 hours?! makes no sense). Another lady at the front desk told me that I was certainly the one who mightve caused the mess- when I've been alerting them of this even as I moved in.....I'm looking to move as fast as i can, please stay away from this apartment for your own good.

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i have seen roaches but no bed bugs yet.the only issues i have is this so called maintenance guy for this building.he pretends he can do his job but when it comes down to it he is a idiot.other tenants mentioned they use to have a maintenance guy who is no longer there who could get the job done and respected the tenants if he was here i bet this building would be better

This building is infested with bedbugs. Lots of people I've talked to have them including me. Their pest control company is horrible, the treatment doesn't work even though management does make an effort in getting it done.

Septmeber 18, 2012,

My apartment and other apartments in this building are infested with bed bugs!

I lived at 40 Gerrard for almost 5 years back when I was a student at Ryerson. It is definitely a good place for students. Never had any insect problems. Any maintenance requested was done almost same day sometimes.

i have lived at 40 gerrard st east for 8 years the building manager is a kind person building is always clean.the maintenance is not the greatest we have a maintenance person who somewhat no what he is doing.what ever happened to the maintenance person that always did same day service and new what he is doing.have not seen bedbugs or roaches

Lived in that building for about 5 years, never experienced any bed bugs or rats, first i lived on the 17th floor, i had a dirty roommate and there was plenty of roaches, ther werent there at first but found a hospitable invironment. Then i moved on my own to the 21st floor for two years, it was clean, as soon as i moved there i closed all the holes that are open to drywall, never seen a roach in there.
Hint: close all the holes in bathroom under the sink. In the kitchen the shelves above the s

ink havd spacers if you look at the bottom of it you will see a gap, its a perfect roach hidout, you should closed it from top and bottom.
Aslo follow where the kitchen sink pipe goes out of the drywall and try to cover it as much as possible, dont use glue or tape, roaches love to feed on glue. Use something more professional or ask the maintenance to do that for you, they are very helpful.
DO this and keep kitchen clean, you will never see any roach.

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I have been VERY HAPPY with my experience at 40 Gerrard Street East. Management has always been very quick to fix issues when they arise and I've never had an issue with bedbugs, cockroaches or any other critters.

Let's face the facts: anytime an apartment has 30+ floors, there are bound to be some issues somewhere in the apartment. There are simply hundreds of people living there. I've lived at 40 Gerrard over a year and have been thrilled with management and the experience.

Face it, you are bound to have both positive and negative experiences any where you live.
Cockroaches ARE a fact of life, whether you like it or not, anywhere--try to keep your apartment clean ALL THE TIME; it takes effort, yet by doing your dishes, taking out the garbage regularly, along with good cleaning habits and sanitizing regularly, all the common sense things, you can minimize the negatives.
I don't know if the bedbug situation here is true or false but you CAN avoid it if you bugpr

oof your apartment. Get the management to seal every opening in your apartment, harass them until they do it for you, or any other work orders needed.
The superintendant is a really nice woman. I think that some of the bad comments about her may perhaps be personal and petty?
The cleaning staff is really one very kind woman who works her ass off, and always has a smile, so I think she deserves some credit. Granted, the maintenance staff are slack, but it's also up to residents to write letters to management to voice their concerns if they want improvement; as well, complimenting good work might just work magic with management. Griping online doesn't do anything productive, really.

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I have lived here for over a year on the 15th floor. haven't seen a single roach or bed bug or mouse. Management is clean and on top of things. I shocked to see such negative comments. My only complaint would be waiting for the elevators. I have actually seen roaches and bed bugs before so I do know what they look like. there are none in my unit. I would definitely recommend this building. mostly students here, and a few young professionals. I have only seen about 3 or 4 kids that live here. Qui

te, clean and friendly, helpful property Manager, her name is Crystal.

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I have been living with my husband in this building for 6 years now it has been complete nightmare since 2008.First of all it is is full of cockroaches and mice. We have caught countless of mice using the mice trap provided by the building. However there are still so many running around everywhere.There could be bed bugs as well which i am not too sure about.

Many times you will find people's piss on the elevator floor.Among some other problems, our sink gets clogged very often. The maintani

ence is very very poor, the building management didnot change my ac filert of 4 years and it was so clogged that we could not breath. There are no exhaust fans in any apartments and many times the fire alarm goes on in the middle of the night. On top of all that there was a break in in my apartment couple of months ago. Please avoid this building if possible. Plase don't ask me why i am still here. I am moving out ASAP...

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It is best to avoid this building. Bedbugs are only part of the problem. There are cockroaches running in the hallways and I have seen mice running on the first floor. The elevators run slow and are always breaking down, the building is rarely clean because the staff is lazy. It is one of the cheaper buildings in the area though, so if you are broke and have bad credit, this is the building to go to.

I've lived in this building for nearly 4 years in two different apartments on the 15th floor and 26th floor. The reason I am completely in love with this palce is because it is by far the cleanest non-condo building in the area. I'm confident that I have seen everything there is to see between Bathurst and Sherbourne, and this is the nicest building around.

When I lived on the 15th floor, I noticed bed bugs after over a year in the unit. Management suggested it was because Ryerson was having

an infestation and to carefully check all my stuff. When I told them I don't go to Ryerson, they sent in an exterminator. The problem didn't stop and I asked them to check my next door neighbours (guys with questionable hygene who also happen to go to Ryerson). A day later I smelled their apartment being spayed, and the problem went away.

I have not had any issues since. The building is renovated and super clean. I have no clue what some of these negative comments are about. Management is probably as helpful as they get; any issues are always fixed promptly.

I mean, I saw ants in my new unit when I first moved in, but after management gave me ant traps and I kept the place clean (which I'm assuming the previous tenant failed to do), they were gone within days.

Awesome building and great staff! If you treat people with respect, and clean your own place, you should have no issues with bugs or management!

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As Far as I know there are no bedbugs left in the building and I see no roaches either. The building manager has been great and on top of every problem about bugs that I have seen and I would not worry about bedbugs in this location I have not even heard of any with the people next door. I went down to the office after reading this and She told me the truth I feel. She also let me know if there was ever and issue around me. I would recommend this building to anyone.

I live here. My apartment is fine, but I am very worried about these reports. Can someone "in the know" please email me at [email protected] to further describe the status of bedbugs in this building? I.e. how many units are affected, what is being done, is the problem spreading, etc. Thanks,


I lived in the apartment for a few years, had a big roach problem not too long ago. Havent seen a roach so far this year, so maybe they have cleared the infestation. I didnt have a problem with bedbugs as others here have reported, I saw maybe one or two when I first moved in when there was a roach problem, but I guess i was lucky. The building is certainly not the cleanest and the amount of roaches that were running around was pretty disgusting. The place has improved from when I first moved

in, but I still keep my eyes open for scurrying bugs when I turn on the lights, so far this year I havent seen any. As far as management, I have never had a problem with the staff, every time I had an issue they were nice and co operative.

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The best thing to do in these situation when the management does not want to do anything about the problem and doesnt let you move out is to STOP PAYING YOUR RENT until the problem is fixed. the worst that can happened is that they ask you to leave but at the end thats exactly what you wanna do.

I have been living in this building since 1996. I am completely and utterly unaware of any bedbugs in this building.

As for the rude comments regarding the super, they are completely undeserved. The current super is just about as nice, friendly and helpful as it gets.

Hi there - we are looking for someone who has or had a bed bug problem and would be interesred in speaking about it on camera. If you would be willing, please email me at [email protected]


Well I have been leaving at 40 Gerard for about 5 years and I have lived in 3 different apartment the first apartment that I moved in to had some roaches as soon as I told the management there was someone up the next to look after the problem and they were really great about it. I have lived it 2 other apartment since then and had no problems with anything. I have seen some really rude and nasty comments on here about the management and being a PIG and I really don\'t see it. The manager has alw

ays been great to me and I am African American decent I believe they go beyond what is required of them and they all look great.

I have done some research on bedbugs and it is not a building problem it is an area problem. 1 people that travel 2 people that work in high risk areas e.g.. hospitals, shelters , schools. 3 bedbug usually like one host so if you bring them in you are the only one that has the problem not those around you.

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March 2009, the apartment was infested with bedbugs. Caused major stress. Cleaned all my laundry, moved all my furniture away from the walls, and got the place sprayed. When the guy came to spray, we left for 3 hours as we were told, and when we came back, nothing was moved, and it felt like the guy did nothing.

Two days later after returning all our clothes and furniture back to normal, the bugs returned. The spray did nothing! SUCH an INCONVENIENCE! So frustrating.

Months later, the bug

s have somewhat disappeared, we keep everything off the floors and I haven't been bit in a long while. We're moving into an apartment 10 floors higher newly renovated, so I'm not sure how that will work out, we'll see..

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Bedbugs have nothing to do with cleaning.

Bedbugs are not like cockroaches. They eat human (and other mammals) blood and dirty/clean surrounding make no difference to a bedbug infestation being able to take hold. Bedbugs hide themselves away in cracks & crevices except when feeding.

Bedbugs can come from neighbouring apts via electrical conduits, ventilation and heating pipes etc. Or, bedbugs can hitchhike on luggage from hotels (including immaculate 5 Star Resorts) or moving vans, o

r airplane cargo holds, or even from the delivery trucks used for deliving new mattresses and taking away old ones.

For more information on bedbugs, try the FAQ's at www. bedbugger.com

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In defence to the building, I have not seen any bed bugs or roaches on the 34th floor, MAYBE BECAUSE I CLEAN?, although the management is still a pig.

In continuation to post made on 09/01/2009 - The management hired an exterminator for me finally LAST month, but my apartment was sprayed just a few days after I complained and expressed concern when i moved in. The management was very nice about it, I thought because of other reviews, they would give me trouble but they were very cooperative. The information sheet states that you may still see bed bugs a few days - a month after the spraying. I saw two the morning of the 19th, which I killed.

That weekend went pretty smoothly, I still had itchy bites but I figured they were developing from the nights before the spraying. This past Tuesday morning (the 23rd) I found 2 or 3 more full grown bugs. On Thursday night, my paranoia having grown immensely, I felt as though I had gotten bitten right as I was about to go to bed and turned on the lights, freaking out. My boyfriend was reassuring me but just then we found the bug running away on the side of the bed. That night I got a ton more bites, and I have just as many as I did before. They are painfully itchy as I mentioned in my previous post. I don't sleep because I am constantly aware of "crawly" feelings, getting up to frantically check my skin, the sheets. Now even outside of the apartment, I feel like there are bugs crawling all over me and I am overly nervous about going to sleep. I am so overtired. I have spent a ton of my own time and energy washing, spraying, vacuuming the floors, bed, etc. looking for these bugs or where they are coming from. I found a small bug this morning, despite sleeping on the couch where my boyfriend has never been bitten, and I feel as though I was bit more last night. I am at a loss, so overtired and stressed. I am a student in a competitive program at school with a very heavy workload, I don't have the time or stamina to deal with all of this. The manager is a piece of art because she herself does not care, I agree with below all the others comments about her. but now the manager is complaining it is my hygenie, just look at her! and my place is spotless! even Joe said so

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Submitted by "daniel" on 09/26/2008
i am submitting a report again becuase the last one has been removed and i was not allowed to move until end of September 2009 because of my lease. DO NOT move in!

EVERY floor on this building has bed bugs...! I've lived on the tenth floor for five years and I'm getting the hell out. It is impossible to get rid of bed bugs entirely, they commute between apartments in the hallway, between walls and can stay alive an entire year without a human host (meal).

If you're using their public laundry mat you can be almost guarenteed that a few of them will get into your clothes and hitch a ride to your apartment. My advice AVOID this building altogether.
It's NOT worth the psychological stress, loss of property, money, physical pain and SLEEP

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I settled last minute on a bachelor unit in this building. I was so excited to be living downtown, in a busy, seemingly fun area.

To make a long, long story short, after almost a year's worth of battling bed bugs, tiles and pieces of the floor coming out (they appear to have been glued down?!), dirty baseboards which I spent hours scratching at with dish cleaners by hand, very poor building security (which resulted in a very drunken and unwanted guest finding his way to my door one late nig

ht), I am more than ready to move out. Whilst, yes, the management was very good about the bed bugs, having two exterminators coming within a few months which did eventually end the problem, that will not make up for the huge amounts of money, time, and energy I spent dealing with the problem (loads and loads of expensive laundry,new mattress special bed covers that cost over $200, etc.)

The sink in my bathroom expelling vast amounts of water all over my curling and straightening irons, makeup, hair dye, and personal belongings underneath the counter, last week was the icing on the cake. Brilliant.

I still feel bugs crawling over me and find myself scratching erratically at bites that aren't there, even when I am sleeping at my parents'.. who have never had bug problems in their home, which I lived in for 20 years... especially any problems regarding bed bugs, obviously.

Well, I am now very thankful for the http://bedbugregistry.com! uh...

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BEDBUGS!!! i need help NOW!!
i signed one year lease and the manager will not allow me to move even though i have request to have my place sprayed again and again but they only sprayed it twice.
i heard that a tenant had taken the managers to court, is this the proper procedure i neeed to take to move out becuase i have thrown out two new mattresses within the last eight months and i can not afford another new mattress.
dear misery,
i agree the manager is horrid to look at but because i am

of an african asian decent and i was caught in her wrath of cursing and blame it did not matter that i am a second genration born Canadian who is very clean it was still my fault.

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whatever, i have been in this dump for over a year. i can not move out as i can not afofrd my first and last month rental and they were the only company who would take my application upon my horrid credit.
so if your credit is in the drain don't complain otherwise move out!
this place is filthy and manager just look at her, she is a slob. she does not care if the spray the company uses is useless the place smells
i was told some suites have it so bad that people eat with them and roaches are

just their new pets

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I've lived in this building for 10 months, and there are bed bugs, cockroaches and mice everywhere. It's awful, no matter how clean you are within your apartment, because the building is infested. Building management knows very well and does nothing about it.


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