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Colleague reported being bitten in July 2011 by bedbug from sitting in cloth chair in a meeting roon on second floor. Note: The Homelessness research project has taken over the former PWA space on second floor, and requires visitors to bag their possessions in the hallway outside their office due to danger of bedbugs coming off them or their stuff. I think it would be better if they plastic bagged stuff/clothing inside their office in a 1" diked area, so any bedbugs that fell off could be cont

ained, versus travelling around the building.

About two years ago, I was at meeting where a bedbug was actually seen on second floor meeting room couch. ACT responded quickly and removed couch and sprayed room.

At same meeting, colleague indicated he had seen a bedbug when using ACT computer on fourth floor about a year earlier. He happened to look down at his chair and saw it had crawled from beneath, and was heading towards him.

Thus visitors to 2nd and 4th floor need to be vigilant in using cloth chairs, as clients with bedbug difficulties may have sat in them. Suggest these chairs be replaced with ones harder or nearly impossible for bedbugs to hide in.

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