295 Jarvis St
Toronto, ON M5B

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Rented room for week at 210 dollars/wk. Have rideshare nearby to get me to work in oakville for ford motors and reason why i took the room..Didnt get bites 1st night than did laundry washing all the bed linen, and woke in the early morning 4am, with hundreds of bites from head to toe, mainly on back ankles/shins and arms around elbows. The hotel fumigated the room and went to sleep when i got back from work, exhausted went to sleep even with the smell of the room with chemical killer for the bug

s, woke itching with new bites and chemical taste in the back of my throat. Absolute hell, staff are washing my clothes in industrial washer. Can't sleep and at work nodding off on heavy machinery. Dangerous yet cant lose the job, just got it and reason for short term rental to be close to my rideshare to work...trying to save money only to find myself in bitten and exhausted. The staff are very accomadating only because its a nightmare for them too. Other guests complaining of the same issue. Feel like the washer and dryer for the guests as the culprit as my clothes feel like they bugs are in my clothes and biting me at work in the night. Too embarrassed to tell my friends and work colleagues. Will be moving but worried to tell tthe place i am moving to of what i just went through as the won't take me in...Guilty feeling, exhausted and nodding on heavy machinery at work...scared that somebody gonna get hurt and all cause the waher/dryer may have infected all that was washed with bed bugs. Itching so bad all over. Seems like there is a huge problem every where in all the hotels, cheap and expensive hotels. luggage is infected, feet and ankles getting bites while at work during the night....no way out and will be infecting every place i go...so depressing that little can stop this infestation, as i have very little money to buy whole new wardrobe, while sending money to ottawa to wife and daughter. Will be going back home in couple of weeks on a wknd break, don'. know how to break it to my wife?!! She'll be livid if i tell her...She'll be pissed if i dump suitcase and all the clothes, telling me why i didnt check for bugs 1st before taking room...From now on will be checking bed for blood stains or bugs in the lining folds of mattress2.

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