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On 1/27/12 I stayed at Pantages Hotel in Toronto, for one night. Around 12:45a.m. I found a bug crawling on the underside of my pillow when I got up and it fell over. We trapped it under a glass. It looked like a beetle or something, but nothing we've ever seen before, not a spider or something normal. After some debate over what to do (we were already not pleased with the cleanliness of the room) we decided to Google and see what people do when they find bugs in their hotel. First thing th

at came up was a YouTube video of a bed bug, which is exactly what it was. We reported it to the front desk and they moved us to their sister hotel, the Cosmopolitan, after a lot of hassle. They didn't seem to think it was a big deal at all. They apologized and said someone would call us from their corporate office on Monday. Thankfully neither of us could find any bites. What was really upsetting is that they did not offer anything regarding our potentially infested luggage and clothing, that had been sitting in the room for about 5 hours. We raised the concern and they said they would need to wait for authorization to take care of our laundering. Really? So we had to put all our stuff in garbage bags to avoid infesting my car. When we got to our new hotel we took out what we needed for the night and put it on high heat in the room's dryer, then inspected it, like they suggested we do [mind you, they did not offer to do this for us]. We still have all our other stuff in sealed garbage bags outside because they said the cold would kill them off, although I don't know if I fully trust that supposed cheap and quick fix. It's an endemic for a reason, I doubt there are such quick fixes. The whole thing ultimately resulted in us spending hours of our time dealing with the situation and worrying, and the hotel did very little to help. For a one night stay, it was pretty crappy. Not to mention the reason we were there was because it was my birthday. Despite having checked in just after 3:30 a.m. at the new hotel and still having our belongings to go through and needing thorough showers, etc, they would not delay our check-out time past 1:00 p.m. We were so tired on my actual birthday, 1/28/12, when we woke up to check out that we just packed the car and headed home. Needless to say, it was a waste of a trip. I have yet to hear from the hotel, but I hope they have more to say for themselves than what they did that night.

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