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I currently live here and I want to kill myself. The food sucks! The room Really sucks and for what me and my roommate pay each $1245.00/month =$2490.00 is not even close to being worth it. So far living here for 1 month has caused me soo much trouble that i would rather live in a shelter cause then at least i'll have a clue on what to expect. My computer chair was broken when I moved in since they fixed in it has broken 3 times while i've been sitting on it. Finally the gave me a new shitty pla

stic one to replace it. The sink tube popped out while washing dishes and water got all over the place, the heater/air conditioner exploded and it's been 3days that my room has smelt like fire and they don't give a shit. They said it's mine and my roommates fault for turning on the heat, cause I guess it's not winter but it's still freezing in our room. They also told us just to double up on our sweaters. the closet has also been fixed a few times. Now about there amazing food at there restaurant, I found a beetle looking bug in my salad, almost had a heart attack, i told the lady that works theirs and all she did was remove the salad from the front, not even a single sorry. since then I can't eat salad cause i feel like throwing up. Especially after I googled it and found out that the beetle looking thing was a "sink bug": cause from unwashed vegetables. I was sick to my stomach for two days. there is soo much more I can say about this place but i have no time. I'm trying to find ways to break the lease cause one more day in the place means more problems and headaches and it's not like i have enough after being a full time student, living on my own and trying to work to pay of my debts.

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I stayed at this hotel feb 11,2012 on the 22nd. The carpets were repulsive and I noticed many red bumps all over my arms and shoulder. I definitely got bed bugs from this awful hotel!!

Stayed at the hotel this past week. Watched a movie from the comfort of the bed. After getting up for a few minutes, I noticed a bug on my pillow - turning the pillows all over, I couldn't help but notice many bed bugs of different sizes/maturity. Desperately tried to find another hotel - they were all full. Took a picture to show staff which came in handy after being asked 'how do you know there were bugs?
I was moved to a new floor where I proceeded to stare at the bed for 3 hours. Never

did hear from the Cus Serv mgr, as promised and they simply took one of my two night stay off my bill. I am still paranoid 4 days later and I am reasonably certain that nothing (nobody) came with me.

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There were bedbugs when I lived here in 1999 as the first U of T students using this hotel as a residence. I had moved into this room on the 4th floor as the previous resident had to move out as she was consistently breaking out in hives since day 1 thinking it was caused by the detergent or something in the bed. I had no issues in my previous room but once I arrived in this room the problems began like a bad nightmare for your first year in school and in Toronto.
I had bites all over my bo

dy including my face and had to go to the U of T clinic to find out what it was. The doctor looked at me and said it was bedbugs. I didn't even think bedbugs were a real thing, thinking it was just a saying but the first thing he told me was to look at the seams of the bed.
In the morning I checked the bed and picked the big ones that were visible and brought them in a cup to confirm with the doctor the next day. Disgusted I picked them over the week and brought them to hotel management and the Student Housing head. They accused the students of bringing in fruitflies with beer bottles and denied that they were bed bugs. The funniest thing is we didn't even know what bedbugs were as our parents' houses did not have them. The hotel decided to "spray" the room with a can and the entire 4th Floor and advised me they replaced the mattress. Obviously they didnt or the room was so badly infested that I could keep picking them off the bed in the morning and had to sleep on an inflatable chair.
At the end of it all U of T moved the ones that were affected to onsite residences and paid for our laundry and drycleaning with all of the clothes we brought.
I understand that bedbugs can be at any hotel, but the Hotel's treatment overtime may be the tipping point to the infestation in Toronto.

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The hotel blames the students for the bedbug infestation everytime and they even threatened to charge the student for the cost of the pest control if it happens once more. This really disgusts me as the hotel should take responsibility for the cleanliness of the place. The hotel blames everyone but themselves for any problem. Bedbugs, lousy internet connection etc. They are quick to get money from you but very very slow to react to any complaints. I had a friend who had to shift like six times a

s every room she moved to has bedbugs. The management will say that they have called in pest control and have a clean report but when my friends go back, they will find bedbugs scurrying all over the place. Apparently, the pest control just dismantles everything and claims that the job is done and the management do not care. Horrendous. Do not ever stay here.!!

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As a former management member employed at this Hotel, although they will flatly deny and eagerly point the 'blame' elsewhere, they definitely have problem stemming back as far as over 10 years ago.

Initially on the lower floors a bad and chronic infestation....a constant battle....even had to close off entire floors an dispose of all bed linens, and spray/fumagate entire bedrooms, equipment and all areas where the bugs could hide.

Had some limited success, but this creature is phenonmenall

y resistant and in the short run, the bed bug was at bay, but in the long haul, it re-appeared with a vengance.....and this time in the upper bedroom floors.(and eventually back to the lower floors.)
I'm shocked that the staff (and management) would point fingers at 'foreigners' or students etc....this is after all a hotel, and the majority of their guests would fall into that category...it's NOT important who may or may not have introduced the 'bed-bug' at this stage.....the MORE important question is taking RESPONSIBLILTY for the incidents (which have been going for a long time) and putting forth a far better concerted EFFORT to irradicate the pest once and for all....now this means $$$$$, and the ownership @ this Hotel is not willing to spend this kind of monies to once and for all destroy this menace to guests/customers....that's the BOTTOM line !!

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Yes, they are there still:(
For reference to last posting,nobody in particular to blame, but it is said for a fact that global traveling made the increase and the ban on insecticide..they did not pop out of nowhere..

Re: Recent posting on Primrose Hotel, also check out TripAdvisor for more reports on bedbugs.

If your report is accurate on the wording used by the front desk staff (blaming "international students") this is shocking.

All hotels are struggling with bedbugs. But it is not acceptable to disparge students or people from other countries and put the blame on them.

My wife and I stayed at the best western Primrosde Hotel for two nights (March 26Th & 27Th 2010). As we were getting ready to pack up and check out we found a bed bug on our luggage. We stayed on the 18Th floor. The staff behind the counter did not seem surprised by the fact that I had put a bed bug on thier counter. She told me that there were international students on that floor before us and it must have come from them. I now see that this is most likely not the problem. We have made a compla

int to BW customer service in the hopes of getting some resolution to this issue. I really wish I had seen this site before going, I would never have stayed at this hotel if I had know they had this problem. Not a way to end a romantic weekend away with your wife.

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Best Western Primrose Hotel. Was there for the weekend of June 7th to the 9th, 2008. Noticed hives on my arm on the 8th. Didn't think much of it. Got worse over the weekend. Also noticed a sickly-sweet smell in the room. I didn't feel comfortable with the room but was willing to put up with it. Saw a bug but didn't know what it was (didn't look it up afterwards either)Battled severe hives over the past two months. Doctor told me what is was...bedbugs. Looked on-line to see what they look like (c

onfirmed). Looked around my bedroom sure enough. The little buggers hitched a ride to my house.

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The Best Western Carlton Hotel has a chronic problem with bed bugs. There are a few floors that are considered problem floors. And the staff have to deal with regular reports from guests and students about bed bugs.

During the double cohort, U of T students were housed at the hotel. During mid term, they were moved to hotels all over the city when a massive bed bug infestation took over the U of T floors.

There are some floors that are problem free.

Best Western Primrose Hotel - had a significant problem several years ago on many floors. Uncertain of current status.


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