Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M5A

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129 1/2 Sherbourne St. (right above the mission)

(Disclaimer: haven't lived here in over 3 years but I'm confident nothing has improved)

By my 4th month in that unit (thankfully once I secured a new place by then), I found the roaches. Lots of them. Managed to take out the adults with a glue trap easily but the kids were everywhere. I reported it and he basically advised me to take care of it myself, although as I recall he did at least provide me with some basic traps/sprays (that didn't


The only silver lining is that there (seemed) to be no bed bugs.

Also no stove, but I digress.

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317 Sherbourne St - Unit 305
We just moved in May 1 - Were told the unit was clean and bug free. Mid move we run in to a new neighbor in the unit down and a unit across from us that said previous tenant had an infestation. By darks fall they started to come out of every crack and carves in the place. Just moved out, 8 days later because it was so bad! I night spent in the unit and I was bitten 8+ times and there were now all in my furniture! Super informed me apparently 3 other units on

this floor move out due to bed bugs. This building is crawling!

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