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Sept 26 I seen a bug running along my base board. I caught it bcuz I wanted to know what it was. My boy friend was getting all sorts of bites but I wasnt, so we didnt think anything about it. We did all the necessary checking of the mattress and things, never seen anything. I checked my bed that night and found three small dark spots. I contacted the landlord and they are having a pest control company come in Sept 28 to treat the apartment. I had to throw out my couch, mattress and ottoman. I wa

s told they would spray all my furniture however I want to make sure we get rid of them. They are a pain! My dog suffers bites, we assume they have been in our apartment for 3 weeks. We are out over 1,500 for all of the furniture we had to through out. Our mattress is 13 months old, couch 3 months old, its expensive to have to replace what we lost.. just to have some piece of mind; knowing there gone!

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A house has been infested with bed bugs. The exterminator has been

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