96 Pembroke St
Toronto, ON M5A

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96 Pembroke Street is a hostel. I came here in September 2011, and was living in Room 27. It was advertised as 550$, but when it came time to sign the contract, he insisted it was 600$. As I was on Coop, and had nowhere else to stay, I ended up signing.

Soon, I was being bitten by bedbugs, and the landlord refused to do anything about it. He insisted that it was my fault. Eventually, in mid-October, I caught several to prove that they did exist, and were not mosquitoes, or a figment of my ima


He made me clean all my possessions (for a total of about 15$), and applied a poison. It didn't work, so he made me pay again, and applied a stronger poison, which did not work either.

He then made me move to a room downstairs (#17). Thankfully, it was indeed bedbug free.

2 days ago, he entered my locked room without permission, removed the air conditioner and fridge, stating that I used them too much. He rejected the contract, saying that it was the lawyer that wrote it and he didn't understand.

The landlord is Chinese and I can only communicate with him through a Chinese translator...

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I lived at this place shortly during winter. Very soon after moving in, I found myself being bit by bedbugs. The landlord refused to do anything, and blamed the problem on me. Horrible place to live in.

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