39 Parliament St
Toronto, ON M5A
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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The posting by the Board of Directors of this condominium is misleading because this building did have a bedbug problem. If they have an ongoing problem and are treating it now, it is because when management was first made aware of the problem back in 2007, they did not act very proactively. I know, because I lived there and moved out due to a bedbug problem in my suite. At the time, they did not treat every unit bordering my suite, nor did they inform or ask any other residents if they had be

dbugs. They simply treated my suite and acted as if it was an isolated incident, when I know that the only reason I had bedbugs is because they came from another unit. It is good that this condominium board is now responding to the problem and being proactive about it, but it is disingenuous of them to imply that there is no problem and never has been because that is simply false. Believe me, this building has had bedbugs.

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Thank you for operating this site. It's very worthwhile and posts some very helpful information.

That being said, the board of Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation #1299 for the property known municipally as 39 Parliament objects to a posting on your site that indicates there is a bed bug incident or worse, infestation at this residential building. This is unequivocally untrue and not the case. Whoever posted this information did so without any first hand information. This buildi

ng offers bedbug spraying as a cautionary response tool for any resident who might think they have bedbugs and is provided at the corporation's expense. We take this burgeoning issue very seriously and monitor developments and would respond swiftly were this problem to occur. Indeed, one of our directors has created an information package of useful information for all residents and the Board did a suite drop of basic information to all residents in the past six months. It was brought to my attention that a posting of an alleged bed bug report was subsequently made on your site. The anonymous poster may be confusing preventive measures and the provision of information for a problem that we do not have.

You now have the Corporation's word on this matter and I invite you to contact our board president should you require additional information. The Board asks you to move beyond the action of merely posting 'in dispute' to an anonymous posting from an identified source; that is, this building's condominium corporation - and kindly remove the false posting. As you can appreciate, appropriate weight must be given to the identified source in such cases and the Board is grateful for your prompt attention to this matter by deleting the offending post. The Board has also copied its property manager and blind copied its directors.

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Bedbug infestation in building, spraying ongoing.

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