321 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M5A

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When I lived here I discovered the cockroaches and bed bugs were traveling from apartment to apartment through the ceiling and coming in through the ceiling fan Vents in the bathroom and kitchen. So look up next time you turn the light on.

I moved in January 2012. Now, start of April - looking for another place!

At the time I was told a story that there was a gentlemen kicked out from the apartment building not long ago for being a hoarder, and thus at that time cockroaches were fleeing from his apartment, but that the management was going to do full de-infestation, and no problems should arise in long-term. Being in urgent need, I agreed to this.

Bad luck or what, once I got up after my FIRST night, there was a cockroach on

my bed! Well, I thought, sh*t happens with everyone once or twice. I caught this nasty thing (and it was not even running - possibly poisoned), and showed to the landlord, then we disposed of it.

In the next 2 weeks I spotted a cockroach in a hallway beside elevators, and thought it may still be the "old problem left-overs".

During my 3-month stay here, there were 2 visits to put poisoned food for cockroaches around the apartment.. so there seems to be some effort, or at least a visibility of it. (btw this thing looks nasty as they place it in kitchen cabinets where you keep your food and dishes, so I keep everything in plastic bags).

During my stay here I saw cockroaches once every 2-3 weeks, mostly in hallways, only a few times in the apartment.

Today my tolerance ended. After getting up, I saw some strange bug (granted, did not look like a bed bug) crawling on my bed once again!

I have not encountered blood suckers, but if you move to 321 Sherbourne St, be prepared to live with occasional 6-legged guests.

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The cockroaches are coming to my apartment from another apartment (as I have seen them wandering in the hallway and got into my apartment). Someone suggested maxforce roach killer bait gel (in a syringe) which you can get it from a store on paraliment and gerrard (close to the Dollarstore). It worked perfectly for awhile and then they it dried out. You have to reapply again but it is supposed to kill them when they went back to their home.
Unfortunately for bedbugs I dont really have a method

to get rid of. Which floor are you on? I saw someone threw away their mattress and wooden bed frame.

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After a tenant bedside my unit moved out last year the bedbugs from their unit moved into our unit. It took 2 weeks to figure out where they were hiding in my unit. I found the bedbugs were hiding in my wooden bed frame. After having killed 2 bedbugs, it then lead to a cockroach infestation. I have tried every possible pest control method that was available, but they are still appearing... The only solution to this is if we can get our suites fully renovated. The suites needs a whole new make ov

er with the counter top and shelves replaced. Or even better, we need a NEW building!

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First time in my life I saw bed bugs here in Feb 2007. Talking to tenants I found out that it's long time known problem there. Apartment was treated three times without any success. We moved out couple of month later. Looks like nothing changed since then.

This apmt sucks. I had bedbugs at this location(First one to report in this site :)). Now, thats being terminated by the apmt management. But, the apartment has more cock-roaches now. They did some treatment, but, its of limited use. Planning to move out of this asap.

November 4, 2009
321 Sherbourne St

Bed bug infestation is in this building. I threw out my couch and bed, washed and dried all my clothes, sealed them in plastic garbage bags, and sprayed my apartment several times myself and they still come back. They must live in the walls and travel at night. Too bad I cant train the cockroaches to eat them.


Bedbugs were in almost every unit of 3rd (Third) Floor of building. Had them exterminated properly and treated entire apartment / laundry etc. and the bedbugs returned. Landlord forced us to destroy possibly infected furniture (Bed and Dresser) or else was going to charge us all future fumigation / exterminator costs. Apparently this is MetCap policy.

Bugs destroyed my sleep for almost half a year - especially since they came BACK (or never left) to the building and to our unit.

Had f

riends on the 7th floor who reported same problem.

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Today morning(Dec 22, 2008), i\'ve noticed a begbug in my apmt. I will be complaining abt this to my building manager and lets see, how it goes.
Will keep you posted.

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