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Toronto, ON M5A

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As a long term resident of the building and a busy realtor working in the building I can absolutely say with certainly that there is no outbreak between 313 and 323. There have been a couple of single episodes which were taken care o immediately a couple of years ago.

Take what you read with a grain of salt; the comment by a renter claiming they called 6 times without any action is utter BS - the management team at the building is top notch and addresses any and all issue's promptly and proes


Bottom line for anyone potentially moving in to a condo - call the management office or have your realtor call on your behalf. Pretty simple, do your due diligience and do not rely on just what you read online.

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I have lived in this building for almost 10 years now. During that time, I have had no problems with bedbugs. While I have heard of one or two other instances where people have had problems, the issue was promptly addressed and there have been no reports of major or minor infestations.

In talking to people in other buildings nearby, I was surprised to find out how they were affected. A lot of people in the Richmond and neighbouring buildings are professionals working in the healthcare indu

stry, inevitably some of them picked the bed bugs up at their place of work. Another problem area was for anyone who travelled, they either picked them up at the hotel or airport. In any case prompt professional follow up is/was required by a pest control company. This does not always mean that a building is infested. This would seem to be the case with the Richmond.

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I was the first poster on this site from 2009 (see my other post down below) I also live on the 9th floor. I still do. I had one more bed bug this year. After killing it, I have not had one since, and before that, not since 2009.

It makes me wonder if there is a unit with an infestation on this floor, and that's where they're coming from :(

It really does no one any good for management to keep this a secret or continue lying to everyone.

One thing I did back in 2009 at

the advice of the city, was to use expanding spray foam around all the areas where pipes come into my unit, as this is a common way for bedbugs to travel between units.

Since I've only had one since 2009, it must have helped.

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I lived at 313 Richmond St E (9th floor) for over two years. Within that time, I reported bed bugs to the property manager approx 6 times. Nothing was done about it. I finally had enough. I would find small brown bugs in my closet, on my linens, in my bed and wake up with small red bites all over my arms and legs.

Needless to say I moved out...

I used to live at this address and we had a bug issue. They were small and possibly carpet beetles. However, when I contact property management they were less than supportive about addressing this issue- and decided over the phone that we did not have bed bugs. She also said that there was no bed bug problem in the building- however, when I pushed her she admitted that it actually was a problem. The issue in the unit was never resolved.

Landlords are responsible under provincial law to eradicate bedbugs. Tenants are not responsible for the cost.

You can call the Landlord and Tenant Board (the Board) at 416-645-8080 from within the Toronto calling area, or toll-free at 1-888-332-3234 from outside Toronto, and speak to one of their Customer Service Representatives.

I emailed Del Condo Rentals and here's the reply:

I'm currently renting at one of your condos through DCRI. With the current pandemic of bedbugs, what is Tridel's policy? Do DCRI Tenants have to pay for their own pest control?

Read the following link. Is Tridel in denial? This is very disturbing!

What preventative measures are being taken? Educating DCRI Tenants would be a start. Info is important.


I apolo

gize for the delay in responding to your e-mail, but I wanted to be sure I provided you with the correct information. If it is only your unit that has the infestation, you would be responsible for the fumigation and any other steps necessary to rid the unit of pests. If the entire building is infested, the necessary steps would be at the discretion of the property management office. If you have any further questions in regards to this matter, I would suggest you speak to the property manager of your building.

Nancy Arandjelovic
[email protected]

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I can't believe I'm the first one to report here.

I got them November 2008. After the fifth bug bite my paranoia was finally confirmed and I found one between my mattress and box spring. I called building management right away and the manager denied anyone having them, but the assistant manager told me there was another unit that hired exterminators through the building, and yet another that had called the same exterminator on their own. So how many people called exterminators that the manag

ement office doesn't know about?? The management office was no help and continued lying to tenants even at our Annual General Meeting. I was shocked.

After getting no help from building management, I called the city. They advised the proper way to get rid of them without chemicals and how to seal my unit from my neighbours. It worked, and since I have had no more bites. BUT in the last month, I have found two more in my living room two weeks apart. They each look emaciated and have not bitten me or anyone else. There is no evidence of any others (I have very bad allergies so I vacuum and dust all the time, under the sofa, behind the appliances etc. and don't have carpet) I don't know where they're coming from now. I'm so angry at the management office for ignoring all this. Fingers crossed, its almost been a year with no bites, but still.... If I had them, and got rid of them quickly, how many other units have them?

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