285 Shuter St
Toronto, ON M5A

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this building isnt as bad as you say the super is fantastic and gets things done. The people of this building should all work together and take pride we have to work together and report all security issues Nothing will change unless we work together This blaming of people does not change anything except cause even more problems Work together not against

I used to live at 295 shuter and thanks God i am out of there. We used to have similar problem and at above comment, please dont use immigrants as a Scape goat. i am sure there are new comers who dont know the rules and the ways of this country. But in general they are hard working people both at home and outside. Theyr aim is to better their lives. This infestation is manly due to crack users who live in the bulding who enable other crack heads, dealers alike to come from the tree and crash at

their place. Hence bringing unwanted gueste( bed bug and roaches) with them. So please STOP using immigrants as an escape goat, we are hard working people

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Massive bed bugs, roaches, flees, lice...EVERYTHING at this building. Super is REALLY nice and tries really hard to fix problem but new immigrants dont throw out garbage properlly, clean properly....People leave garbage in hallways, throw food off their balconies. New people moving in don't speak or read english and are not shown how to do things in the building so they drop garbage and spit and even urinate outside. Many times immigrants are found sleeping or shtting or pissing in the stairwell

s. One lived there for over a week before security moved them. Security at this building is a JOKE!!!

Bedbugs treatment comes in at least 2 weeks after you request. They NEVER bomb whole building like necessary. Tenants here have had bed bugs several times over because of other tenants on the floor. Like the poor woman in 1011 who has had bed bugs twice because of the nasty ass people who live in 1009. We put double side tape alone the baseboards to 1010 outisde her door and along the hallyway. the tape outise 1009 was covered in bugs. Nasty people like that should be evicted.

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