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I came to realize the whole building is infestation (roaches and bed bugs).

I have spoken to the tenants who lived here for a while. Block off everything... The Vents, and I even observed a tenant weather-stripping their entrance door inside and outside.

I observed one of the staff members assessing some sort of bug infestation situation on the fifth floor recently. You will get quick follow up from staff if you complain of bed bugs.

I'm visiting a unit at this location is there still issues with either bed bugs or roaches?

Yes, they were noted on the fourth and fifth floor this summer.

Looking to move in. is the bedbug issue still bad at this location?

I have moved at this Toronto Housing apartment in 2014. The bedbugs incident occurred twice.It was difficult for the Supt. to intervene on time because some of the tenants who live here are seniors and some seniors will ill at the time. Well, guess what? The bedbugs have infested once again right now in the unit (April 2015). I'm so sick and tired of having my clothes bagged every spring/summer.

I initially was shown and had put down a deposit for a unit with a balcony, which I was later told was already offered to someone one month earlier due to a mistake by the tenant coordinator Gemma Boyd. I accepted one without a balcony. The morning I went to sign the lease and move in, I was made to wait an hour past my scheduled appointment with Ms. Boyd with movers waiting outside. When I arrived at 25 Henry Lane Terrace to receive the keys from the super, he informed me they had sprayed my un

it for cockroaches twice in the past week.

While my things were being moved into the unit, I noticed one cockroach and killed it. Into the evening, it was clear the apartment was hopelessly infested. There were legions of cockroaches swarming up the walls and across the floors. They were on the counters, in the refrigerator, in the bathtub, on my bed, inside my boxes, literally everywhere. It is pretty disgusting that someone would rent out a unit in this condition before successfully managing the infestation and it would be advisable to avoid this building and Toronto Community Housing as a whole. Thankfully I was able to have first and last refunded, however it does not cover the moving costs, the storage fees, extermination fees and the traumatizing night I spent at 25 Henry Lane Terrace.

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Feb 2012. My apartment was over run with cockroaches as soon as spring got here. They were good about spraying quickly while I stayed at a friends. Then in April 2012 I started getting a rash that the doctor couldn't explain. I was out of the city for a week, and when I returned they must have been hungry cause I was bit close to 100 times. I packed my bags and moved out the next day. The super saw my bites and was understanding and apologetic. I left my bed, brand new funton and other furnit

ure. I just had to get out of there. Very traumatizing. After a lot of research, spraying will NOT kill bed bugs. They must be exposed to a temperature of 120 F for an extended period of time. I took all the precautions to make sure I didn't bring any in from the subway ect.... the super said the propably came from an ajacent apartment. All I know is I did see them, put one in a sandwich bag and left it so they had proof. Now I have to go back in september and I don't now where to go for a bed bug free place that I know I can sleep in peace.

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I had bed bugs a few months into moving into the complex. The staff was great about sending an exterminator on two separate occasions, but the problem continued to resurface. Not the greatest place to live, aside from the tenant supervisor. She's the mccoy.

I moved into the complex in May, 2011. At the signing of my lease, no mention was made about bed bugs or any other problems for that matter. Approximately two weeks into my stay, I started noticing red marks over my hips and arms. Initially I thought I must be allergic to something. There's the rub; bed bugs are secretive and it's quite a process to actually see one in the flesh. The bites continued and I'm not kidding when I say I literally felt like a giant filet mignon. After finally killing

one and uncovering the true cause of my misery, I reported the problem to management. They called ORKIN and this essentially was like a piece of bubble gum on a leaking dam. The psychological damage was already done and I rarely get a good night sleep these days. Do NOT move into this dive of a complex. They don't even tell you that they've had a history of bed bugs. Oh and by the way, the other day while in the bathroom, I realized I had a new roommate named Jerry. No not Tom.. Jerry. Get the picture. In summary, Henry Lane Terrace should pay you to live in their apartments.

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Never had bed bugs in my life been living here for over 3 years. I open my front door to do some sweeping and left it open for 2 hrs. Stupid mistake. The same night I fell asleep and woke up with bed bug bites 7 times including one on my cheek. He must've been hungry or very aggressive cause we sprayed the building 2 months ago. I found the critter in my bed sheet and I crushed him with my hands. It was full of blood like when you kill a mosquito. I was horrified. Now I am scared of them.

So far no more bites and no bed bugs but I believe when they sprayed the building they did a bad job and ended up making the situation worse and made them more aggressive.

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It's March 29th,2009 and there's an infestation at the whole building.

Pest control was here 1.5 months ago,but did a bad job and not correctly.
1 example is we were asked 2 days before the date to clean the place and throw all un needed stuff. BAD idea. the bugs just scattered all over the place due to movement and since the spraying is only done in the living quarters, bed bugs came back a few days later. All moving should be done AT LEAST a week prior or by the cleaning company!!!

ys, hopefully building management will do 1-2 more cleanings soon.
If they were any smart, they'd schedule them with 2 week intervals!! As the cleaning guys said, their pesticided don't kill the eggs. So now 1.5 month since they did it, we all still have the problem.

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I moved in here on Oct 1st. and at that night, I found one bedbug on the wall first. then I saw several moving them on wall, floor and my packings(they infected so quickly)!!.

I'm sure I have no trouble at previous place and no infected stuff before I moved.
I reported very next day to administration office, but they just ask to write form to call pest control, and nothing help without any report.

So from that day, my fight has began from that day.
I sprayed(not RAID, I bought Liquid typ

e insect killer at Home Depot) every morning and evening to kill them. and sealing all gap in room. wall, floor, window, bathroom... everywhere!.

They were coming from those gap and especially from ventilation area. so many bedbug I killed so far, but they are still there.

in 2 weeks, everyday I sprayed and vacuumed, and washed and dried all clothes. I also bought Japanese Mothball at Chinatown(it was little help to protect my bed from them). now there are looks like reducing. but I cannot have been relieved yet.

At last, I got notice pest control will come tomorrow(had to wait 2 weeks!!). I know it's not enough to kill just once. but I hope it would be little help for my fighting...

I know these days, the bedbug problems are everywhere in Toronto, especially downtown. you cannot choose "Safe" place to live. but I can say and recommend to ask landlord and do self investigation before you move. once you find it, it's so hard to terminate them all...

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Bedbugs found in my apartment, primarily around the vent system, bed and couch. Currently on the second treatment, but they're still around in full force. April 2008

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