222 The Esplanade
Toronto, ON M5A

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This is one of few immaculately maintained buildings in the GTA. All common areas are kept clean and the staff are very friendly. Once in 2012 there was a report of bed bugs in some rooms. Elevator notices kept the residents up to date (number of rooms, when the dog would be coming to inspect each floor/unit, etc) and the problem was taken care of efficiently and effectively. Great place.

I lived here from 2002 to 2010 as a renter on the 10th floor, and I've never seen or been bitten by bedbugs.
I'm certain I would've heard about it if it was an issue in the building.

I have lived in 222 The esplanade and have not had issues with Bed Bugs. NOr have I seen signs of them. I am happy with the building.

i have lived in two units at 222 the esplanade during the past 7 years. never seen bed bugs and i haven't heard of anyone having a problem with them.

So I moved into this building in 2007, and have been living there since. There are no bed bugs, ants or roaches. I've seldom seen spiders, and every building has spiders. If people have bed bugs, its because they brought them. There is nothing wrong with this building. This is an extremely well maintained building, and they keep all common areas spotless. There is a gym and hot tub, and they recently renovated the front lobby. The staff are courteous for the most part, the building manager was a

b**** but she left, so hopefully her replacement will be better.
I can't speak for all floors, but my floor, 3rd, has not had any issues at all. Recently somebody's unit flooded, but it did not affect me, only the carpet in the hallway, but that has been dried and taken care of by management immediately.

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This building has had them for some time now. Not sure how much they have spread.. then again the frequent number of times workers enter each and every unit to fix this or that surely must contribute to them spreading. I found them and bolted. This building is going to become a hotspot for them, then again what building in Toronto won't if it hasn't already?

After reading alot about these damn things, it's more a larger problem with society.. nevertheless, they have been spotted here so it

will likely get worse.

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