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Don't listen to Desk Guy and Slick Willie. Filmores has a bed bug problem. For them to outright deny this is disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I am not a "shill" for a competitor. That's because there are no competitors for Filmores. Very few people would actually consider even staying in a grungy hotel above a loud strip club, in a bad part of town.

I've stayed there a couple of times and both times found bed bugs. The first time I was a guest there, I figured it was j

ust a fluke. The second time I realized Filmores has a huge bed bug problem. I just got moved to different rooms both times. And yeah, there were bed bugs in the other rooms, too.

Can't believe Desk Guy and Slick Willie can lie so outright like that. The staff at Filmores knows there's a problem, but they sure don't like to discuss it much.

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I don't get these reports of infestations at Filmores. I stay there regularly when in Toronto on business. I have stayed in at least 10 different rooms in the past year. I have never seen or been bitten by a bug. Yes I have heard rumours too, but my experience is all good. And I can confirm that they do take any bug problem seriously. I asked to get the same room I had on a previous stay (it was south facing for better light) and was told it had been taken out of service for a minor proble

m. It remained out of service for the whole week I was there.

Sour grapes ... maybe.

True - definitely not.

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Anonymous, Gradwell Junior - these must be shills for a competitor of Filmores. There is no problem at this hotel and as a desk clerk there, I can tell you as described by these people does not occur. Sure, from time to time a room gets infested, as it does in any hotel. Any rooms with bugs (rooms are inspected daily by housekeeping) are taken out of service and undergo a thorough treatment that lasts a minimum of 10 days and often much longer. A room is not put back into service once even 1

bug is found until it tests clean for 10 days straight using commercial detection devices, not just the human eye. This is at considerable cost to the hotel but the owner is serious operating a reputable hotel, even in the budget hotel sector.

This hotel is exceptionally clean for the price. It is exceptionally quiet for the price. It is no frills, and that is why the rates are as they are.

Often people are thrown out for either being total slobs, drunks or loud and I guess trying to slurr the hotel's good name is a way to get even for free.

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I stayed here for 10 days. The first night, no bed bugs, so I thought everything was going to be okay. The second night, I woke up scratching some kind of bite and hoped that maybe it was a mosquito that bit me. Then the third night I woke several times, each time being bitten by bed bugs. I know that it was bed bugs because I managed to kill about five of them. I told staff the very next morning and was informed that my room would be treated.

After this alleged "treatment", I woke up in the

middle of the night again being bitten by bed bugs.

So the next night, I stayed up and managed to trap a few of the bed bugs. The next morning, I brought the bed bugs to the front desk clerk to show that the treatment did not work.

Instead of transferring me to another room or giving me a partial refund or discount or even apologizing, they decided to retaliate against me by not allowing the cleaning staff to do the scheduled weekly cleaning for my room and then I was told that if I "had a problem with the room" that I could "contact the manager between 9 am and 3 pm". Ridiculous.

I couldn't take being bitten any longer and I checked out a couple of days after I had paid for a second week's stay, so not only did I get ripped off for that, but I am still recovering from a lot of serious bed bug bites and the allergic reaction to same.

The management is unprofessional and customer service does not exist at this cheap hotel. It seemed that they do not want to deal with their bed bug problem and they get upset with any guests who point out that they have a significant bed bug problem.

Do not stay at Filmore's Hotel in Toronto if you want to avoid bed bugs. Yes, it is cheap and it is very centrally located, but that money you save will wind up paying for the cost of an exterminator after you check out and go home with bed bugs in your clothing and luggage.

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I checked in on Aug 03, and although was not personally bitten, was because I was friends with a clerk who put me in a clean room. The fact that they charge cheap rent has no bearing on the clenliness. Clean is clean, no matter the rent.

Checked in mid-February. First night was bitten over a dozen times. Second night was anxious and wound up staying up all night. While lying in bed reading, found bed bugs crawling around alongside me. Left this hotel shortly thereafter. Didn't say anything to the desk clerk when I left as he was rude and intimidating.

Filmores DOES NOT have a bedbug infestation. Like most hotels, and especially budget hotels, bedbugs do check-in with guests now and then. However, Filmores is vigilant about treating any problems that arise. Any room with a problem, and the surrounding rooms are taken out of service and properly treated. They are not returned to the rental pool until the problem is eradicated.

Furthermore, management has taken extensive preemptive measures (as recommended by the foremost experts), includ

ing staff training, daily inspections of all vacated rooms and regularly scheduled fumigations of all the rooms.

Most of the posters on this Registry regarding Filmores are not factual.

Firstly, given the nature of bed bugs, it is inconceivable that one could sleeep in a bed the 1st night and not get bitten, but get bitten badly on the second night in the same bed. Experts advise that the bitten person must have picked the bugs up somewhere else and brought them to the bed, especially if none of the surrounding rooms have had a similar experience.

Secondly, Filmores acts immediately if and when a problem is detected. There are several managers, any of which will take decisive action when a problem is discovered. More often the case is that the guest does not want to take the required steps to help deal with the problem (launder all their clothing, discard or treat their material possessions ...). In these instances, the guest is asked to leave. Filmores must treat any problem immediately to ensure the health and safety of all the guests.

Thirdly, disgruntled ex-employees are not reliable sources. "Karen" also claimed pay was withheld and that the Front Desk Manager (who hired and trained her) was out to get her.

Fourthly, many rooms are NOT infested. NO rooms are infested. If and when a problem is discovered, it is immediately dealt with. So small problems become resolved and never develop into infestations.

Fifthly, Filmores does not try to charge for "spray". When a problem is discovered, the treatment is far more extensive than spraying. If we spray, it is often as a last step, precautionary so to speak. We only charge a guest for the treatment of a problem when we can absolutely determine that they are the source of the problem, just as we would when we can absolutely determine they caused any other type of damage to a room.

Finally, the bottom line is that if Filmores was infested, it would not be as popular as it is. It is popular for the right reasons. It is a very clean, well maintained, affordable option downtown, and the staff are engaged, sincere and honestly care about the guests and the property.

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I work for Filmores,and they're spraying all the time,but keep in mind. When you're charging cheap rent. What kind of people you think your gonna get,clean ones? I know staff who live in the Hotel for years,and had no problems. If you stay at a 5 Star hotel downtown your still at risk of getting biting by bed bugs.

Stayed for awhile. Badly bitten. Told no spray for 4 days since manager on vacation. Decide to leave. Floormates tell me many many bedbug problem, many room no rent because bug problem. No compensation, told they try charge for spray. Bad place

I was there for two days. 1st day... no bites. The next day I decided to rent a room for one more night. So when I came back and asked, they ended up giving me the same room and... BAM! Woke up itchy and looking like I had an allergic reaction to the smell of Strippers and cheap Chicken wings! Needles to say... I will not be staying there again. Farewell, cheap hotel.

Filmore's definitely has a bed bug infestation.

My friend and I stayed there in a room on the second floor for two nights, March 2010. The second night she woke up itchy from head to toe and covered in bites/rashes.

I would not recommend staying at this hotel.

I worked at Filmores Hotel for about 2 months, on weekends, as a desk clerk. The place has a bad bedbug infestation and the manager lied to me about it when I took the position. He said that they were under control. They are not. Someone even spotted one on the desk in the front office. Many rooms are infested and they do not seem to be controlling the problem properly. I was bit by one and I quit.

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