201 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M5A

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Moved in the building May 2015, was clean no problems until a couple months later, some roaches. Not a big problem but we took precautionary steps to stop them from coming in the future. crazy cleaned, caulked all cracks and had the place sprayed - they came two months later in unbelievable numbers and we see maybe a handful each day. waking up to them beside your face is a nightmare.

for your own well being, I suggest NOT moving into this building.
Rent is cheap, but the amount of money you

will spend on poisons (mgmt/pest control is NOT helpful) makes living here not worth it.

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Pls tell us your floor no. Would like to get an apartment on that floor.

Pls tell us your floor no. Would like to get an apartment on that floor.

It's kind of odd seeing other people post here about bed bugs being such a persistent problem - I've been in the building for 5 years now, and not one incident, nor any for my floor. Also, no cockroaches.

I currently live at 201 Sherbourne. I have had bed bugs at two different times. Cock roaches are out of control. They have treated my apartment for roaches at two different times within weeks of each other with this brown gell.


The pest control people they are using are incompetent. But senior management still insists on keeping them.

looking to move in. anyone familiar with the situation on the top floors?

I had bed bugs at this apartment around Christmas of 2014. The management was really good about treatment, but it's still horrible to go through. I only ever saw two dead ones, but I was too scared to go thoroughly looking for them. Also, I saw like 30 cockroaches in the first week but after we got treatment for the first time, it was much better. That can be blamed on whoever lived there before us, and when I moved in a lady down the hall said she only saw 3 bugs and she had been there for 4


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Bedbugs still present at this place. When I lived here (last summer), my apartment had bedbugs and after begrudgingly talking to building manager for months, they finally did a treatment. After the treatment bedbugs were still present. Thank god I've left this place and I didn't bring any bedbugs with me to my new place.

tons of roaches in this building and bed bugs too!
I have never seen any bed bugs before but I brought one bed bug possibly from the laundry room at the building basement.
I was bit and felt it really hurt, so I woke up and found that bed bug and killed it.
two weeks after the first bite, I was bit again and found another one.
I am so terrified and I have a child staying with me. Very terrible! The roaches are not even a thing compared to the bed bugs. I kill roaches everyday.

Possibly looking to move in...are there any recent bug infestation?

I cannot live in a building with bed bugs and roaches..Im allergic to roaches..

This place sucks!! i moved in in 2012 september. The management didn't unlock the parking area and the elevator on the day we moved in (we did make the appointment). They came one hour late. Ever since that day i was fighting with the bad attitude management people. Right not my suit still has roaches running around in my kitchen. No bed bugs in my suit tho.

I acquired bed bugs while living at 201 Sherbourne during the year 2009... it was a very very unpleasant experience to say the least.

Any new information about this building?

Problems with MetCaf or the Management at 201 Sherbourne?


I had a horrible problem with the lazy management, their building standards, and pest control efforts. I took the following steps and RECEIVED OVER $3000.00 IN COMPENSATION. More importantly, they started taking my pest control problem seriously and now I live stress and bug free.

Take the following steps and help turn this problem building around (there is almost no

cost BTW):

1a – Check out www.toronto.ca In the search box on their home page type “191 Sherbourne” A list of articles will appear. Look for the BMS report (it’s 2nd on the list at this time of printing). This is a 10 page audit showing specifically how the Property Management has failed to maintain the building. Print off this report for reference.

1b – If you have not already made a request to Managment or do not have documentation- then now is the time. Give them notice for repair (pick something from the above mentioned audit), or pest control and wait for them to provide poor or no service (this includes the cheap, unreliable ‘Magic Pest Control’ company they use).

Keep a copy of everything you send them, keep a log (date, time, what happened) of all your communications with them too.


2 – Go to www.ltb.gov.on.ca Click on English – then on the left hand side click on Tenant Applications (under “FORMS”). There are 2 forms to fill out here. Either T1, Tenant Application for a Rebate, or T6, Tenant Application about Maintenance. Fill out the forms detailing how they have failed and ask for compensation (ask big, the judge will only lower it if they think it is too high).

I asked for a 50% rebate for every month I’ve had bugs and service issues. Make sure to include any costs of missed work, and detail the costs of items you have purchased or had to replace due to their failed service.

2a –File your forms in person. The nearest office is here:

Toronto South Regional Office
79 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 212

There will be a small fee (about $40.00 if I remember correctly), this will be paid back when the judge rules in your favour.

3 – Going to the tribunal... Show up with patience and evidence. This includes letters from work, pictures of bed bug bites, receipts from items purchased (bug spray, cocking, double sided tape, mattress covers) and proof of costs for items you will get to replace bedding, furniture and so on. The more evidence you bring the more compensation you will receive. There is no need to bring a lawyer, The judges I met are very reasonable and take the time to explain everything.

Keep the arguments simple and remember the Judge is ultimately on your side. The Tribunal has a history of standing up for Tenants rights, it is their job to hold Property Management responsible for poor service. The Managment at 191 Sherbourne is lazy and will take advantage of you. You must stand up for yourself and you will get the compensation you deserve.

4 – Wait a few weeks for the ruling. The worst that will happen is you are out the registration fee and an afternoon in court. I’ve talked to a number of people at the Tribunal and Judges very rarely rule in favour of the Landlord.

It is unfortunate that MetCalf has such low standards. 191 has great potential and it is up to us to take action, your efforts will be worth it – my rent was reduced by almost half over a six month period.

Good luck and make sure to keep checking back to hear other success stories.

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I've lived in this building for six years now, and have personally never had any problem with bedbugs. The building is clean, and the building manager is a real gem. There is absolutely no doubt at all that any bedbugs that may appear now are simply being brought into the building by new tenants, and the building manager makes every effort to deal with them promptly.

i leave in 201 sherbourne,am requesting you all,your life will became tragedy if u live here

Not only did I ask the rental company if there were bedbugs and roaches in the building (I asked specifically and was told there were NONE!!) I did a rather thorough check of the entire apartment before I moved in. Now, two months later, I'm finding roaches in all rooms, and my furniture (including living room sofa and chairs, not just our beds) all have bedbugs. I am horrified and this is turning into a NIGHTMARE. Please do NOT rent at this building!

I have been living here since January 2007 and have had nothing but problems with bug infestation ...both bed bugs and roaches and the management...and they alll have been unpleasant. I complain but truly it seems as though they dont care and when they come to spray the place they are here literally for 2 minutes and they are gone. Doesnt make a difference dont even think they do anything.

I moved here more than two months ago and have not seen or heard of a single bug - wether bed bug or cockroach.

Also, management is great. Swift on the pressing issues for sure.

Bedbugs are everywhere these days, even in the finest hotels and not just in Toronto. One thing about this building is that management will make every effort for you and spray immediately the moment you report bedbugs in your apartment. I've lived here for more than five years, and our current building manager is the best. Rents are reasonable, the downtown location (close to everything) is great, and apartments are snapped up as soon as they become vacant. I have no hesitation in recommending t

his address to anybody looking for a decent place to live. Just don't listen to the naysayers.

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I have lived in 201 Sherbourne for 2 weeks now. We have not seen one bug. They aren't in all the apartments. So I suggest you switch apartments but clean everything before you do. Before you moved in you should have given the place a very good cleaning, sealed any cracks and made sure all of your bedding was covered during the move. Good luck.

just moved in July 2009 and the first night bedbugs were running across my pillow, and cockroachs were running around everywhere, when we went down to freak out they said the only option was to move to another apartment, but if they're in one they're in another so we are stuck

Actually th eperson who talked about being stuck there, if on a lease, is right.
I took the administration of that building to court, because after the four first days i lived in there, i found cockroaches and started asking around and people started telling me about the bedbugs as well.
Turns out the court said that, bedbugs or not, I was lucky that they found someone to replace me, since i could have been in trouble and responsible for the lease ( i moved out at the end of the first month as

i comlpetely refused to live in a bug infested place) but the court had no idea that they were charging a "breaking you lease fee" of 150$ and told them THAT WAS COMPLETELY ILLEGAL. Yet I'm sure they still do it... don't go for it!

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For sure I know the tenant right. Personally I like this website better than others, as this has information about our building.

I just clarify with the following note:

"Once you moved in YOU ARE STUCK ,cause there\'s no way they will let you out of the lease , unless you pay a fee , give them 60 days notice and if after the 60 days notice they still don\'t rent your unit , you are still responsible for paying the rent !!!!"

Would that be possible for the writer to let me know how coul

d this happen. As this controdicts with the tenant right.

Thanks in advance.

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For info on Tenant rights go to the Landlord Tenant Board website.
And for more info on bedbugs see www.bedbugger.com

Following the note posted on Sep 2, 2008, if I am on month-by-month instead of in the lease contract, and giving them 60 days notice, can I move out without paying any fee?

Just for clarify. Please let us know, as we don't want to be ripped off by the building.

Thanks in advance

Not only there\'s a bed bug issue in this DISGUSTING building ,check out all the crackheads bumming around the building 24/7,365(because the lovely mission is right next door), also they found a woman murderer in the alley behind the building a month ago.
Once you moved in YOU ARE STUCK ,cause there\'s no way they will let you out of the lease , unless you pay a fee , give them 60 days notice and if after the 60 days notice they still don\'t rent your unit , you are still responsible for paying

the rent !!!!

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August 11th 2008

Only been living here since June 2008 and had to throw out my whole bed, pillows, mattress, boxspring sheets everything!! got rid of everything building paid for spray then 3 weeks later found more! now in my living room... not impressed. Also someone on my floor had left two mattresses out in the hallway, i checked them out they also had bed bugs. so steer clear!! we are trying to get out of here asap

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