200 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M5A

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It's not just the bedbugs that wrong with 200 sherbourne it's the people that live here mostly the lady that lives in 101 she seems nice but she two face bitch and her quest think they own the place saying that you can't do this and can't do that.then there's the playground it's too babyish and the kids are scared to come down and play and they only play there if their parents take them down and then they change the rules to no dogs aloud in the back cause some people didn't pick up after there

pets so instead of putting camra and seeing who left the poop they banned all pets it seems like a jail not a place to live then still getting bit by bugs And being scared to go out of our aptments cause of all the bums sleeping in the halls and shooting and drugdealers in this building it just seems like jail

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It is a joke the way TCHC treats this bedbug problem. This whole building top to bottom is infested with cockroaches and bedbugs. Management (when you can find them) gave little help to offer. Leap pest control has been in 3 times since november, big waste of taxpayer dollars..... We actually had a 3rd floor tenant require a blood transfusion due to the infection caused by the numerous bites to her body. Has TCHC cleaned up since then> Not Likely, management can hardly find time to take out

the garbage bins and clean the human feces from staircases never mind battle bug infestations. TCHC should definitely be nominated for slumlord of the year....... I thought land lords like this only existed in places like New York. Pretty sad that the Ontario Government doesn't hold itself to higher standards as a landlord.
Tell me if the Government is responsible for cracking down on negligent landlords, then who is responsible for ensuring TCHC manintains the appropriate standards. Whats is the Ford government doing about this. NADA!!
Another sad story of wasted and misused tax payer dollars.

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This building has bedbugs, even they spray. They are alive and spray is not effective. November 23 2010

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