176 The Esplanade
Toronto, ON M5A

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Moved in 3 months ago. Have had 0 roaches and no bedbugs. Having the entire apt. sealed just in case.

looking to move into this locatin. has anyone hear if there is still a bed bug porblem? thanks for the help

I've lived in this building 10 years plus...

(this story may appear to be about roaches, but continue to read)....(sorry it is so long)
I have never had bedbugs infest my unit, but I do know that they do linger within the walls of this building..

a couple of years ago, I had transfered units, I saw a few cockroaches in the apartment within the first few weeks in the new unit, I immediately went to the super, he was relativley new on the job, he pr

omised to have the pest control come in, I set a brick on the inside of my door the day they were to spray for roaches, to see if it would be in the same position when i returned home from work that evening, just as i has suspected, they had not been there, i went to the office in the morning, and was informed that they had come to do the unit, when i told the cleaner about the brick story, she acted surprised, then said oh wait, your the lady in unit #5**, getting sprayed for the bedbug infestation...? we did spray for the bedbugs,
at that point I freaked out knowing that they were right above me, I decided to remove my "drop tile celing panels" where the air system is located, and to my "not so surprise" i saw gaping holes around the pipes, and decided to look further behind the walls with a flashlight....only to discover spider webs with little black things in it, I called in work took the day off, and waited for the super to come in, I spoke to him, he practically denied any bedbugs in the building, "I let him know of the slip up from the cleaner lady"....he was practically assuming that I was seeing things, and further stated that bedbugs do not go through walls. he said the pest guy would be there soon to spray another unit, I waited and had the pest guy come look down the same pipes, that lead into the units above and beside my unit, "with the super"... the pest guy confirmed that i knew what i was talking about, and warned that if my unit was not treated right away, I would end up with them, I had the initial treatment done the next week, never recieved the secondary."mandatory" spraying, waited another 4 days after the second spray was to have taken place, and then complained, i then recieved the first and second spray, I bought ton's of expanding foam, and clear silicone sealant, and did my whole unit, to block any entrances into my unit around pipes, lighting fixtures, plugs, anywhere they could be hiding, I also duct taped up the celing panels inside and out, thus far I have been lucky,and have avioded them little nasty man eating critters, but my neighbour has complained to me about hers, and the elderly woman down the hall....
(oh yeah,the super prior to this one,(WE'LL CALL HIM MR.L) who had resigned was so prompt at responding to all tenant complaints, and doing anything to resolve the issues)


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