15 Scadding Ave
Toronto, ON M5A

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I hope the hoarder your referring to isn't the same person who moved to 171 Front St.E ( Up the street) Building is part of TCH. I'm having the same problem. My neighbor refuses to fumigate and the person to her left is a hoarder.

We moved into 15 Scadding last year. (2009) After about 4 months we discovered a bed bug problem. We used Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and they're totally gone. We've given it to a few other people in the building and their infestations are gone as well.

I live at 15 scadding on the 8th floor i have had my unit sprayed 7 times. still i have bed bugs (fed up ).

I live on the 5th floor. I have lived in this building for 48 days and on day 36 of living here I was walking into the living room from the bathroom when something fell of my towel. It was a bedbug! IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! Today, day 48 I found another in the bathroom after picking up my bathrug off the side of tub it fell onto the floor! Also in broad daylight! Thus far I haven't found any in my bedding but it's a matter of days I'm sure! I was praying that the 1st one was a hitchhiker and by

trapping him in a mason jar I had isolated and prevented a future problem... not so apparently. I double sided taped the legs of my bed right away. Tomorrow it is anti-bedbug day in my apt. EVERYTHING and EVERY possible entry point is getting double sided taped, I'm calling the city health and the building office and demanding I get treated! It should be mandatory for them to have told me!!! I'm SO angry. It should also be mandatory for treatment upon discovering bedbugs. Why can supers enter our units to inspect for other health and safety reasons but not investations???? It should be done regularly and diligently treated!

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I lived at 15 Scadding from ~May to December 2006. Ended up having to leave (and break my lease) due to a severe infestation on the 4th floor. There was a tenant with a hoarding problem who refused to get fumigated, and their infestation just kept spreading to adjacent units.

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