15 Lower Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M5A

Found 3 reports:

Multiple people in the building have mental health issues with hoarding. Until these people clean up or leave, no amount of spraying is going to solve this problem.

One persons leftover stuff was moved out last week and the street was full of furniture and garbage. He was known to be one of the people with bedbugs.

The previous complaint involved a tenant that brought the bugs with him from where he previously lived and tried to exploit the landlord for money to replace his music equipment ( which he apparently sold as he lost his job and had no money to pay the rent ) He took the matter to the tenant and landlord tribunal where he lost and had an order assessed against him.

The landlord took the matter very seriously and brought in the best pest control company in the city for this purpose (PCO Orkin)

and eradicated the problem right away. There are no problems at this property any longer.

see full report...

bed bug infestation. been widely known by tenants/landlord for the past few months. room was just sprayed. another tenants music equipment was infested and rendered useless.

No nearby bug reports