140 The Esplanade
Toronto, ON M5A

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I was shown a computer from the former super that listed all of the units in this building that has been identified as having an infestation problem. To my surprise more that 60% of the building has some type of infestation.

Serveral months ago a contractor came in to inspect each unit to determine the severity (if any). The problem that I had with this contactor is that he went from unit to unit wearing the same gloves and coveralls. I had to refuse him entry until he changed is gloves an

d his coveralls because I was conncerned about cross-contamination. I thought...whew..good thing that I did because my surrounding neighbours have major issues with bedbugs; but unfortunately in one of our rooms the outside of the mattress encasement was INFESTED with bedbudgs.

Thank goodness I had attended a free workshop run by Public Health and found out little tips and tricks as well as rights and responsibilities of TCHC. This is where I learned about the mattress and boxspring encasements. These encasements were the greatest purchase. After treating the encasements (which I later found out that Housing was to provide me with them had I requested and my unit identified as bed bug infested), I have not seen them in this particular room.

Our family is no longer getting 'mysterious' welts and I not seen any more bugs on the bed but there still seems to be a problem with these lovely hitchhikers with my negihbours both on my floor and throughout the building.

This building was suppose to be "treated in phases" (as per the old super) but I have not seen or heard of anything since March 2011 and my neighbours are still battling the bugs.

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After experiencing bites that we were misdiagnosing for a week or two, we found an adult bug in only ONE of the bedrooms. We are wondering if it's because of a recent pipe bursting in the building causing the bugs to travel to our apartment? This is only a mild infestation as we found that one adult bug 2 weeks ago.

When we arrived back at our apartment a week after the "magic pest control" came, we discovered a smaller bug on the wall in the front hall.

We expect another visit from pest

control this week and I plan on caulking the siding etc... So we'll see what happens...

to be continued.

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