134 Carlton St
Toronto, ON M5A

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I just want to talk about what happened to me so other people don't have this same problem. I lived in this building in November for less than two weeks until on the 10th day I woke up with bites, discovered they were bed bug bites and found the bugs and eggs in a piece of furniture left by the previous tenants. I had never had this problem before in my life.

From the first day I moved in, the management had said they were going to throw out that furniture because I always said I didn't want

it. As soon as I talked on the phone and told them I found the bugs in that furniture, they insisted there were no bed bugs even though I was telling them I had them in front of my eyes. That same day I moved out temporarily to a friend's house, and two days later, when I come back to pick up the rest of my clothes to take them to wash, the furniture with bugs was gone.

After many annoying conversations, with them trying to convince me there were no bedbugs or blaming me for bringing them in, and being rude to me, I finally told them I was not going back to live there anymore and wanted a refund. They said they were going to spray but wanted me to take all my things away. They didn't care about spraying my stuff obviously, they just wanted my things out of there so they could spray.

Finally, I threw out my bed and other stuff, had to wash all my clothes, which means I had losses, but at least I got a refund for half the month of rent plus the month of guarantee I had payed. About the spraying, I cannot guarantee they did it because I never saw a paper from a Pest Control Company saying the place had been sprayed. So for anyone interested in renting a place in this building, be careful about it.

The other thing is that there were many cockroaches every single day, no matter how clean I was and never left food out of the fridge.

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lived there from 2009 to 2011 and cockroaches were seen every day. This building is infested with cockroaches. Management will say no problem when you move in or looking to move in but oh you wait, you'll be seening them daily. I was very clean and still got them. Unless you like that, I'd stay far away from moving in here.

In April 2012, I had an almost rash like all over my body and it was itchy. I thought it was a reaction at first to allergies. After a month of itches I finally went to the doctor and a dermatologist to confirm it was bed bugs. The super and landlord were very reluctant to help me and said the doctors didn't know what they were talking about and that I didn't have bed bugs. I called the exterminator myself since they were no help. When the exterminator came to do the inspection I saw the bed bug

s hidden beneath my box spring. They tried to say I brought them in but apparently he told me a girl before had bed bugs then moved out. Needless to say I will be moving out immediately, once the exterminator confirms they are completely gone so I don't bring them to my new place.

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