Homewood Ave
Toronto, ON M4Y

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In the beginning of Homewood Ave. on the East side there is a long line of old townhouses that are now rooming houses (tiny-ass apartments, but very cheap). As ideal as this location might be for a student (Ryerson and U of T campuses within walking distance) or young professional, be prepared to deal with bedbugs all the time. Yes, you can get your unit sprayed, but they will come back because all the houses are either directly connected or built very close to each other. So unless half of the

street gets fumigated at the same time (never gonna happen) bedbugs will be right back soon. Besides students there is a good portion of lysterine drinking low-life people, druggies and crazies on Homewood - those guys don't care about bedbugs and will not join your efforts to fight them ever, so no need for street number really. If you rent on Homewood - you will sooner or later encounter those little crawling bastards, sadly.

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40 homewood ave.
8 Floor and 7 Floor have more than 5 units had bed bugs.
and the management office very discreetly about it.
and dont want to tell another tenants .

Make sure if you buy a condo need to re spray and don't listen to your real estate when he tell you nothing happen.

Don't just say Homewood Ave! What building number? More details!

bedbugs, poor heat, dirty common areas, constant construction noise and dust, the list is endless.
this building is a horror story!

Consistently was infested with Bedbugs. The cockroaches and mice were ok to deal with, I didnt mind those...but not the bedbugs! They come in under your door, through cracks in the wall. Its a beautiful apartment when you look at it ---until you get bitten night after night and have infestations. Management does their best to deal with it, true...but the bugs come back and go into all of your belongings.

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