89 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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superintendent is a bug.

There are no bad bugs except for a female superintendent (I think her name is Judy Wyatt) who follows people who live in this apartment building closely and behaves as if she is the owner rather than a mere superintendent. This woman has been checking on our apartment since the first day we were there, finding excuses to knock on the door on some occasions or just hanging around whenever I would walk out of it. She's been unresponsive to some of the most normal requests, such as where and how we

find the fobs, and we had to pay her to get the second one. She would always stand in front of the building as if she is security force arranging whatever comes in her way, or finds you in an elevator, or would watch you from the window of her apartment. Overall, it is unpleasant and creepy and gives you an impression she is invigilating you. I would be not surprised if she has entered our apartment once we were away. Yak.

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I've lived here for 8 years and I've never seen a bed bug. I've even lived in 2 different apts on 2 different floors.

I moved out of this location in 2009 because of bed bugs and would never recommend it to anyone...they travel and hibernate and end up in carpets, the laundry room and just about anywhere.

I am thinking of moving into 88 isabella. I saw a report for the building listed under 100 wellesley st. from 2009. Does anyone know if 88 isabella still has bed bugs?

Did laundry a few days ago and after putting it all away in my apartment I found a bed bug on my right thigh having a meal. I'm pretty sure it's just the one and that I picked it up somehow in the laundry room. So someone in the building does have bedbugs. I searched high and low and saw no signs in my apartment.

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