85 Wellesley St E
Toronto, ON M4Y

Found 61 reports:

I have moved in for the new school year and have no problems, the rent is not the cheapest but the location fits me and my requirements . The manager who lives in the building is sweet and helpful and always around, I have had no problems with pests or anything and the apartment; albeit lacking a balcony is spacious and has a new kitchen and appliances, not sure if all have the same.

One of the most TERRIBLE buildings in downtown Toronto!!! Terrible management! Dirty (sometimes even disgusting) and unsafe! The rental office (building management) does not care about anything but money (the rents)!!! No hot water (only lukewarm water)... Heat does not work properly... and you gotta deal with cockroaches too!

The only good thing about this building is the superintendent! He's a very nice guy and always trying his best to help the tenants with their issues but at the end, sin

ce everything should go through the management office, issues will not be taken care of as supposed to as the management office does not care about the tenants AT ALL!!!

My one and only recommendation is to AVOID this building!

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I have lived here since 2009; agree the super is incredibly helpful, agree some weird people but on the streets but not living in the building; at least not on my floor. I have seen strange persons trying to enter the building, but the building is locked up but assume they get in sometimes when residents enter. No bug issues ever; but can't speak for other tenants, Bernard, the super keeps the building immaculate.

Lived here from 2013-2014. Super is nice as others have said but the place is absolutely infested with cockroaches, saw them in the halls and when it was warm out there would be a ton in my apartment at night, coming from under the sink. Had it sprayed to no avail. Saw a meth deal outside once, lots of fucked up tenants smoking shit in the building, was even chased into my apartment once by a knife wielding drug addict because I wouldn't give him a cigarette outside the building. This place also

smells kind of pissy. Overall it's nasty as hell, don't live here if you can help it.

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moved in May 1, 2013, as a student and i am now working in the area.

the building is clean and quiet and superintendent is always available for any issues.

i have never had any bed bugs issues in my more then two years in the building nor have i heard of any issues.

The top 10 comments are an obvious PR campaign to salvage this dump of a building.

Scroll down further to read the truth. If you're into mice, bugs, hookers, drug addicts and human feces in the hallways (yes, you read that right)...well, then this is the place for you.

Otherwise, run as fast as you can!


I live here and love the super, he is very helpful and attentive and have had my apartment treated as an I assume as an annual treatment so have seen no pests whatsoever, my friend lives on the third floor and she too has had no problems at all; my only issue is that Church street can be a little rowdy on the weekends but I feel completely safe.

I live in a 2 bed here since the beginning of the month; no bed bugs. The manager here is sweet and was great when I moved in; just make sure u order the cable hook up in advance ;otherwise, u will be waiting two weeks till connected;

just saw the bed bug report site, scary but I live on the 4 th floor of this building and have never seen a bed bug and not sure really what to look for; nevertheless, have seen no bugs in my apt at all and the superintendent Bernie is really nice in taking care of any problems I have had.

Just heard of this report from a friend; I too live at this building and have lived at a few different buildings in the area and regarding bed bugs they are brought in by tenants ,not management ,who will do the best to treat them; even though, they can continue to bring them i ( tenants). I have had NO issues with any roaches, bedbugs or anything in this building but have lived in a few buildings where they have had and where the management tried to eradicate them but could only do so much

when particular tenants keep re-introducing them into the building coming from markets etc. my Building was just treated a few months, assume as a deterrent, as other tenants apartments seem fine but again I suggest tenants be careful in Toronto from places they visit as well as good housekeeping is paramount. The super here Bernard, who is from the Philipines, has been very helpful with any request since moving in 2013 and he has to be one of the most polite people you will ever encounter an seems to be always in the building cleaning.

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rented a one bedroom before christmas, super was pretty helpful and seems to be attentive. apartment size was suitable for my needs and the location was what I needed, subway is down the street and close to my school which is really important to me. The tenants in the building seem to ne pretty nice and a lot of places to eat , a little noisy being downtown but again love the easy access around the city. seen no bugs whatsoever and my neighbour who I have met said the entire building was treated

a few months and has had no evidence of bugs as well. the building is clean and there tenants seem to care about the building as well.

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had had no issues @ the building. great location great warm friendly superintendent

moved in 6 months ago , seen no evidence of roaches or bedbugs, location is excellent but walking east of the area changes a bit; but the building location is excellent. The building is clean other than some strange characters on the street ( Church) but guess that is all over the city. No problems with maintenance yet, apt gets a little hot in the winter but the super took care of it. Very close to Ryerson and all my firiends live in the area and one classmate too lives in the building and

appears happy.The apartment size is fine but no balcony.

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**** RUN - don't WALK past this building ****

It's winter and there is no heat in the building. I too have been using my stove in order to bring up the temperature of the apartment since the rads are ice cold. Sad thing is that I pay for hydro and will have to bear the cost of heating my apartment.

Also - there is NO security in the building. Homeless and drug addicts are free to get into the building and use the stairwells for their illegal activities. Many of the stairwells are covere

d in cigarette butts and even pee and poo. YES - pee and poo in the stairwells sits there for DAYS on end.

If you're even thinking about moving into this building - STOP - or you'll be as sorry as the rest of us tenants who live here.

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Ok I decided to visit this registry to see how things are sounding at 85 Wellesley St. E. I searched for my original posts and noticed they have been removed which makes no sense to me.

I have lived in this building since 2011 and right from day 1 it has been a living hell. I strongly recommend anyone thinking of renting here to steer clear at all cost.

Here is a blog page to my lost of my bed http://bedbugsintoronto.blogspot.ca/ now I am still trying to recover my bed here but refuse t

o buy new until I am in a position to move out.

My first winter here in 2011 was a very cold one as there was no heat so my hydro bill soared using my oven for heat and the management did nothing about it. Even the superintendant when I moved in was a scary looking female being a single mother and trying to manage a building and reports tell me she was seen with crack heads smoking up all the time....Well now she is gone and new people are managing.

Things seem a little better but the heat thing is still ridiculous. For the security of the building..what a damn joke,..people sneeking in to head up to the 2nd floor, etc as Wynn is known to help people from the streets to home program and I know there are a couple for sure within the building that is luring pathetic people into the building....

Down the street there is the youth shelter and all day long and evening/night teens from there go into the car port to hang out, smoke their drugs and am sure dealing too. My apartment insurance premiums increased when I moved in which is not good either.

Not sure about the bed bug issue but I am sure there are still units with them...For all the existing tenants call 3-1-1 and make a complaint to the property standards department for things like no heat, inadequate lighting, security issues, etc and the more complaints the harder the city will have to come down on Wynn...

FYI, Les Wynn uses the same pest control company as he has many friends within there and they will always back him up just like what happened in a previous post I read so, if you plan on taking Wynn to the tenant and landlord board make sure you bring witnesses with you especially if the witnesses are existing tenants as well.

One thing that would help this building is a tenant association to fight for the tenants. I can go on forever about my bad experience in this building but might run out of room here. So please do yourself a favor and either move out quickly and if thinking of moving in then DON'T do it.

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Just moved into the building December 1st/12

When asked about bug problems the Superintendent (Jameel) told me honestly that they are working on irradicating the problem. But realistically, every building in downtown Toronto more than likely has some kind of bug problem they are dealing with. Every apartment building I went to see admitted having bugs but working on controlling them.

In keeping with good bug control procedures, I just put double sided sticky tape outside my door to keep

any stragglers outside the apartment.

Parliament Furniture (a great store for locals looking for good furniture deals - free local delivery. Cash = HST Included) has bed bug mattress and box spring covers at the cheapest price I've seen. Only $25 for the box spring covers. Make sure you PLACE the box spring into your frame to ensure you don't RIP the bag. Ensure you zip tie the zipper closed with the enclosed zip ties. That prevents the zipper from moving back thus creating a small hole in which bugs may be able to get in.

Next is the purchase of D.E. (Dietomacious Earth)which is a powder that neither bed bugs nor roaches can cross because of it's properties. This is a powder that can be put down on your mattress (between the sheets and the box spring too) which will help keeping the bugs out of your bed. Make sure your bed is on some kind of a frame so that you only have 4-5 points of contact with the floor. Use either VASOLINE (applied thickly with a Q-Tip on the feet of the bed, or put down a layer of D.E.under each of the contact points to prevent bugs from being able to climb up.

Jameel told me that if I EVER see a bug to report it to him and he would have my apartment re-sprayed to prevent bugs. What more could you ask for???

Jameel is a GOOD guy - if you have any problems with your apartment - please go see him. He has looked after EVERY problem I've had since taking possession.

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I moved in not too long ago and on my first night here I found a bed bug. It was only one and I properly checked everything and found nothing else. Haven't had a problem since then. As far as the building goes I haven't had a single problem. Haven't witnessed homeless people running around the stairwells, or any bodily functions in em. It feels safe. The people here are quite normal as well, and obviously there's some crazy crackheads in the building but you need to expect that if you're going

to move into an apartment building in Toronto.

I won't deny though that there is a roach problem here. I've killed 4 so far. Not cool. I'm hoping I don't have to deal with bed bugs as well with the winter coming up. But the building and apartments are great, shame that it's riddled with little infestations.

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Updating: FYI luckily still not a problem and I am very, very clean. Have not had any bed bugs in the unit, nor has our floor, and very grateful for that.

Some people are likely bitter they are being evicted, as honestly Jorge is a decent man if a bit cumbersome. He would not hurt anyone. There is a new building manager and Jorge only does painting and cleaning now, and it is better to have a bigger team looking after things, as there is a huge noticeable improvement in cleanliness and securi

ty. The new manager is very good. Since he has arrived he does security checks of the entire building regularly. I mean this is Toronto so there were good and bad people everywhere. Thankfully the new manager is on top of things. He is doing an excellent job as far as security, maintenance, and also with any pest problem, as he does not procrastinate and gets things done immediately.

It is not the highest priced building as far as rent, so of course there are various income levels here, but it isn't cheap either. Most people I know that live here work and are decent people.

The stairwells could use a painting at the back exit and a major cleanup.

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Just a note: this building has a new super who takes care of things very well.

The superintendent Jorge is a THIEF. If anything is missing from your apartment - he is the first person you should suspect.

He also has a nasty habit of going into women's apartments without permission (along with at least one of his sons). Please call the police if he does this to you. They have already talked to him about walking into the apartment of a couple WHILE they were having sex in the MIDDLE of the night.

And this building is INFESTED with scum of the earth living in the sta

irwells. You will find liquid shit and piss and used needles and broken crack pipes and garbage and empty bottles and drug addicts and very stinky winos clogging the stairs. Calling the police does no good. They are back again the next night.

The stink from them often fills much of the building.

And the number of box cutters left laying in the stairwell makes you think twice about confronting this scum.

And I forgot to mention the ho's of undetermined gender turning tricks in the stairwell. Nice.

Ya. I had bedbugs. But that was nothing compared to the human bugs.

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I've been living on the fourth floor for two years and I haven't ever had a problem! In fact I have found management to be very cooperative.

As for bedbugs, I haven't had any. Although I have heard that some people in the building have had them. But look at the map for downtown! You runt he risk of bedbugs anywhere down here unless you buy a swanky condo, and even then theres a risk!

Hello prospective and current tenants.

If you are currently thinking of moving into this building - don't! Avoid it at all costs, and if you are currently a tenant, such as myself, I feel your pain.

I moved into this building in August 2011. I was in a rush to find an apartment, and upon first glance thought my bachelor unit would suit my needs.

I had lived there for several months with no problems, as the floor had been recently re-varnished and likely killed or prevented anything f

rom crawling in.

This was my first apartment on my own, so all my furniture was brand new, and freshly out of package upon moving in - NOTHING would have come in with me.

Around mid-October I began to notice swollen, itchy red bumps on my arms and legs. At first I attributed it to mosquitoes or other pesky bug, but after the problem persisted and the bites continued I realized I had a problem.

I have white bed sheets and late one night found a small bug crawling across them. I freaked out and squished it - spraying blood everywhere.

I reported it to the super with no resolve, and decided to take matters into my own hands. I sprinkled diatomaceous earth across all my baseboards, and front door. I purchased a steamer and vacuum and cleaned the whole apartment. For several weeks there was nothing, but alas the bites continued.

One morning I found an adult bug crawling in through the bathroom drain! They were literally coming in through the pipes and cracks in the wall.

In short - this apartment is infested! There is a reason whole piles of furniture are left after people move. They are terrified of transferring the bugs.

Beyond the bedbugs I have seen an array of additional horrors at 85 Wellesley, including: Human feces and urine in the stairwells, bums sleeping on the stairs, prostitutes servicing clients, a robbery, mice, and so much more.

After witnessing an elderly man being robbed in the hallway I was informed by the police that this building is a NIGHTMARE! The officers have been called to this building MANY times, and it used to be a haven for robberies.

There have been recent efforts to "fix" the problems, but this building is not salvageable. It would be best to tear er' down and start again.

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808 follow up
Have lived here for a few weeks, without problem, caulked my entire apartment. Have been keeping all my clothes in bags and duct taping my doors every night. Last night at around 10:30 I saw an adult (unfed) bed bug on my wall. I bagged it immediately and brought it to the super, who did do everything in his power at that time
To help us, he provided us with spray for our bed and a bag. Also is bringing in pest control in Monday.. But living in fear of a bug is too much so we've

put in our notice of termination.
Good luck to all future and current tenants of the building but I hate bugs and refuse
To live in fear of them.

Also 807 is a pain in my ass.

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I also live on the 8th floor, moved in during August of 2011, and I have not had a bedbug since. I do take some precautions with them, however, seeing all these reports. The best thing to do is to take those small steps to protect yourself against them. The two easiest things you can do is to put double sided tape around your front door, and fill any cracks in the baseboards & elsewhere around the walls with caulking or double sided tape (or you can put double sided tape all along the edge of yo

ur unit for extra measure, but I think that sealing those cracks is better since it uses less resources); if you want to you can also plug any drains when not in use, cover your outlets when not in use, get a protective bed bug sheet for your bed (just in case if you do have an infestation so you don't have to throw away your bed), etc.

You can also inspect your bed (particularly the underside and the crevices) AND bedframe daily/weekly if you feel you have bedbugs. The important thing to keep in mind is that, if you do see one, alive or dead, you need to keep it for proof. Put it in a ziploc bag or something. And you must IMMEDIATELY inform the super and/or get professional help on your own if the building's owner can't get pest control they in fast enough.

If you do get your unit sprayed you might not see a decrease in bed bugs for a week or so. You must wait. If they don't decrease after the period of time the pest control person stated, get it sprayed again.

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Hi there current tenant...Well I can understand for what you are saying but believe me this building is the worse kind. Even other supers and property managers in the area know this building all too well. yes there are some decent people living in the building but trust me eventually you will realize this place is not all what it is cracked up to be.

for the bed bugs well, i never ever had bed bugs in my life until i moved into here. yes, i was forced having to throw my entire bed out and

if you want to see proof then visit http://bedbugsintoronto.blogspot.ca/ and you tell me that my bed was salvageable.

FYI, soon pretty much the entire 7th floor is going to be vacant so that says something as well.

There has been numerous reports to the property standards department at city hall and well I suggest you research more on this building and maybe then you will know how terrible this building is.

I have to agree with you that the location is great but its not worth the aggrevation.

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I currently live here on the 5th floor and also know many people on this floor. I honestly feel this website is at times inaccurate. Myself and another tenant moved in two months ago: February 2012 and neither of us have had any problems thus far.

People in Toronto can pick up a bed bug on the subway and some people blame buildings when really it can happen in any place at any time. I feel if people are vigilant and monitor their properties they will not have a problem, and beyond that paran

oia is not going to help the problem, as actually dealing with the matter professionally and properly will.

I see people doing irrational things, throwing out their furniture etc. yet when anyone reads any informative website on the topic the procedure is explained. Frankly it is not a problem I really want to have to be forced to deal with, but there area also many perks living in the city, and this building is in an amazing location, have some great people living in it, and there are pros and cons to every place on earth.

Hopefully we will continue without the problem. I just thought I would add my own experience.

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Just moved into this location 2 days ago, was in such a rush to find a place completely neglected to check the bedbug registry
Any recent complaints?
Has the new superintendent done anything?

The apt I'm in is on the eight floor an is newly renovated, would that help the problem ?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated I am really freKing out right now!!!!

Feel free to email me with any [email protected]
[email protected]

Bed bug blog for this building at http://bedbugsintoronto.blogspot.com

We moved into 85 Wellesley St E on the 7th floor in October 2011. We spoke with the former tenant and he said that he is moving because of being relocated for work

As we found out recently that there are a lot of issues with this building. First the cleanliness of all the common areas are pathetic and disgusting and we complained about it since we moved in and no improvement. There are lights missing in the stairwells which is a safety hazard especially when the fire alarm went off and had

to evacuate the building my wife and I both almost fell down the stairs due to insufficient lighting and newspapers on the stairs at the bottom. We found people drinking, partying, sleeping and just lurking in the darkness (another safety hazard)

Now January 2012 my wife confronted Stacey the super about bed bugs and the first response we got was "are you sure" then handed up prep instructions and a form to sign for getting sprayed. We handed the form in and heard nothing and we tried to get in touch with Stacey and she is nowhere to be found. So this brings up to Jan 29, 2012 it costed us over 50.00 to buy our own spray and I ripped the bedroom apart. I had to throw out our headboard, bed frame and box spring. I doused the mattress down to try and salvage it as we cannot afford a new one but that needs to go as there is a whole colony of dead bed bugs in 1 corner.

I have pictures to prove our experience with bed bugs and I encourage everyone else to file complaints with the landlord and tenant board and go for replacement cost of anything furniture you lost because of the bed bugs.

Also, calling 311 and making a complaint to the property standards building would help as well and we have done that because of the cleanliness and the stair well issues and Wynn has I beleive until Feb 5th 2012 to correct all that has been ordered.

So, join us on fighting Wynn and set everything straight. The more people officially complaining as mentioned above would really make Wynn look bad and strengthens everyone's case.

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I moved in Nov/10 and never had a problem until recently. I was feeling ichy but did not think to much about because I live alone and don't have many visitors. I started getting rashes and soon later found an adult bedbug by my pillow and I just got my apartment sprayed Dec/11. Hopefully I caught them in time before it gets worst.

01/12/2011 - just moved in to this building in november, havent even been here a month yet and this morning i woke up about 5 am feeling itchy something told me to look around the edge of my bed and boxspring and sure enough i found 3 bed bugs hiding in the crevis of my box spring near the floor, i have never in my life seen a bed bug before where im from they arent that common, i came across this page one day when looking for directions as i am not from toronto and this bedbug registry popped u


is there a way to get out of my lease with these people?? someone please help

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Have been getting wierd bites all over my body for the past month. Didn't think anything of it, except perhaps a clever mosquito that was hiding somewhere.

Then my friend suggested it perhaps might be bed bugs. I did some research, looked under my mattress and it was swarmed with bed bugs. I've had to throw out the box spring and really don't know what to do at this point.

3rd floor, 85 wellesley E

Moved in Sept '10 and had no problems until mid May '11. First saw adult bugs crawling in the bedroom but no signs of infestation. Now (June) no longer seeing bugs but getting bites. Had first spray two weeks ago but seems to have had no effect. Superintendent was compliant and getting a second spray but unless neighbors etc. get sprayed I can't see an end to this stress. The super mentioned that there was a list of apartments needing sprays... We also saw that the building had been named on thi

s site in 09 but figured that enough time had passed. Guess not!

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9 floor too. November 4 2010 I have bedbugs

Avoid this building at all costs.

Theres a reason there is ALWAYS discarded furniture, including mattresses, couches etc, sitting in the garbage out front.

Several months back someone discarded some furniture and spray painted "bed bugs" on it in bright green paint.

Management never moved so fast to turn furniture around and get it picked up pronto.

i just went to go look at this apartment and somone outside told me to be carfull cause they get lots of bed bugs and my sister is gettin a place there now what is the building like now any one know of bed ugs still

To the person who said this is a hygiene issue, no, it isn't. Bedbugs are not attracted to unclean people, they feed on blood. You can be clean as clean can be and still be a nice snack for a bedbug. They go where people are. There is nothing more irritating than being unable to control the fact that you are being eaten alive on a nightly basis and to have people just brush off your complaints and tell you that you need to practice better hygiene.

As for why you didn't have issues with them,

well, bedbugs are more attracted to some people than others in the same way that mosquitoes are. Also, not everyone has a noticeable reaction (ie. bumps or welts) from the bites and could easily not even be aware if they are bitten. They can also sometimes take a while to spread from one apartment to the next, maybe you just got lucky.

Bottom line .. these landlords are bad news. I'm so glad I don't live there anymore .. I was on the 8th floor and had 2 sprayings. The second spraying appeared to be effective, but unfortunately they refused to fumigate the whole building and since my apartment wasn't the only one with bedbugs there was no way that was going to be a long term solution. Oh, and did I mention that it took them two full weeks for them to do the second spraying after I reported still seeing swarms of bedbugs (with me phoning the super every day to bug her)? Just stay away.

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Found my First one on the 5th Floor this AM

Not Happy!

Don't know what to do~!!

Is legal action possible as there was not a one mention of them when moved in and even when asked they said no no problems!>?

[email protected]


Hey: I didn't live in 85 Wellesley street but I used to live in 70 Spadina building owned by Wynn group(yeah, they are the worst). I did file an application with tenant board regarding bedbug problem. 4 months after I moved in, my neighbor informed me she had bedbug spray and a week later, I got bedbug infection. After months of repeat treatment, the bedbug never go away. I called the office and asked to speak to the owner to see if I can get out of my lease(yeah, and that super rude bitch D

ebbie) and nobody ever got back to me. I personally went into the office and spoke to Tracy who promised that she will speak to Mr.Wynn(whoever they are) and never got back to me. I filed the application with tenant board and they asked to delay the hearing so the hearing was rescheduled a month later. Then they called me 3 days before the hearing to offer to let me move out(super rude, like they are doing me a favor). I went to the hearing but didn't consider to bring a witness. The wynn brother had the guy from pest control company as witness and they accused me for being the source of infection!(and they said they sprayed the two rooms beside me as a precaution which in fact, both were infected already(the bedbugs have legs, you know). And yeah, he paid the pest control company who were hand in gloves with them. Despite the pictures, I lost the case. So if you any of you plan to file the application, please get as many evidence and witness as possible so they can't make up bullshit lie to win the case. The other thing is I put double-sided tape in front of my doorway which caught bedbugs. Hope the story help, good luck and I hope one of you can gave these guys a good slap on the face. If you want to know more information, you can e-mailed me at [email protected]

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I\'m in apartment 703, and I have bed bugs. Not sure what else there is to say. They didn't come in on any furniture so they are in the building. Its shitty, keep an eye out.

Update from smitten29- on the 2nd floor:

We have no bedbugs- thankfully, but do have a wiring-electricity problem. Only one working outlet in our apartment- from my bedroom- so everything is plugged into that and diverted to other rooms. I bought a \"back up\" power battery, and it worked for about 2 days, then stopped working. I am thinking that there is a serious fuse box electrical problem on the 2nd floor. If anyone else has similar problems on 2nd floor- please contact me- apt 201- or fi

ll out a complaint form with the super, and let me know too. I am going to file a complaint with the LTB, and the city. I did phone hydro, and they didn\'t seem to consider it a serious problem. I think unless you smell smoke, or the outlets are spewing flames, they don\'t care much. I know this isn\'t about bedbugs, but this is the only place to post this stuff.... thanks. Diane 201. don\'t put any private info in the boxes below, it WILL appear on the page.

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Sorry to hear that The Lincoln still has health and safety problems -- 35 years after I lived there as a student.
In our day, the landlord was described in the Toronto Star as Toronto's Most Contemptible Landlord for ignoring many building orders to clean up, fix broken pipes, heating, etc., etc., etc.
Cockroaches were the big bug problem then and big business for pest control companies. We also went without elevators, heat and hot water for extended periods. I remember showering at Ryerson an

d using our open oven door to heat our apartment.
We at 85 Wellesley East and tenants at West Lodge Place organized a rent strike with two city councillors and managed to pay our rent money into a fund that was used to pay for outstanding work orders for maintenance.
Maybe you should consider such action. It seemed to get their attention in the early 1970s.
Such a shame that the same landlord is still being called to the mat over health and safety issues more than three decades later.
Good luck.

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apt. 510

no bedbugs yet, but luckily my lease is over and i am getting the hell out of here. So far there are several problems on my floor.

What I can't believe is how the building did nothing to inform us of this. Obviously this is going on, and it should be their responsibility to inform their tenants. Oh, sorry, I forgot; Wynn Property Management are total and complete slumlords who would rather die than put any money into their own properties.

When I phoned the head office, the wo

man told me that the issue had been taken care of and that the outbreak was over: the next day I noticed that two more units on my floor were being sprayed.

Screw Wynn. It is everyone who lives in this buildings responsibility to make sure that not another soul makes the mistake of moving here. Spread the word.

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Someone threw a pest control flyer under my door and then I got to search for the reason.I typed my adress and here I am in this website with some 4 or 5 people reporting bedbugs !! I do not experience any problem with bedbugs and I am surprised to notice that people in my floor had a problem. Well I hope your problems are solved now !! Pest control company made good business though :)

85 wellesley 2nd floor

I dont have any bedbugs ?? I dont know if others truely have em but I guess it has something to do with hygiene and pets.. I dont have any and it is so weird to see my neighbours complaining -- Guys Clean your suites and pets regularly , u ll avoid this kind of cr**

For the record, I\'m on the 9th floor and I have them too. They are set to fumigate on the 18th. I\'m spending tomorrow getting ready. I figured it out only when I was covered in bites. I flipped my mattress today and there they all were - disgusting creatures.
I recommend that everyone flip their mattresses and check their headboards because chances are if you haven\'t gotten bitten yet, you\'re going to.

Best of luck to everyone.

PS: Does anyone know if I need to throw out all

my books now?

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caught a bedbug in the shower today on the 2nd floor.


so unimpressed.

502 - 85 Wellesley East.


I am getting my apt. treated for bedbugs today. The super called on Tuesday evening and told me that they would be here on Thursday.

She said to bag up my clothes etc. I called Magical Pest Control and they advised that there is a prep sheet. The super could not provide a prep sheet to me so I emailed the pest control co. and they had it to me within 10 minutes.

It is a huge process to prepare for fumig

ation. I can hardly move in here. Needless to say the super did not bother to book a time.... so it could be anytime and then I need to stay away for 4 or 5 hours.

Luckily I do not have pets or children to deal with, otherwise I would go crazy.

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I don't know if I have bedbugs, but could have. I have a cat, and he's been scratching a lot recently. I am going to check today, and get the double-sided tape and cleaners and things.

Just a thought- we should all write to the city and ask them to come and spray all apartments- or file something with the Landlord & Tenant Board AS ALL TENANTS- or as many as we can get. We should make a page to list complaints, problems, etc- for our building- and then print everything out. I've been keeping

a list for over a year- of everything wrong- and yes, I have mold in the bathroom- and they told ME to clean it! (which can make you really sick) We should start a tenant group. Filing with the LTB may also get rent rebates. I currently have hydro in ONE room in my apt. I am waiting for it to get cold, so I can call the city. They do nothing until you're a popsicle. Seriously. Oh yeah, and they refused to fix our base-wall heaters- and said it wasn't their responsibility to provide us with heaters- though it says in the lease it IS! I let our lease run out. I refuse to sign a new one. Also we have one bedroom in here which has NO outlets, no lights, and is basically a closet, and they are charging us for a 2 bedroom! Bed bugs would be the least of our problems right now.

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Sept 8, 2008

I spoke to the Super yesterday about the bugs in my apt. and asked her if there were any other reports of bedbugs in the building.

She said that there was an apt. on the 6th floor, but not above me.

I spoke to my neighbor shortly after and he has been dealing with bedbugs, and his apt. has been sprayed.

The super was not at all honest with me regarding the outbreak in the building.

This whole building needs to be sprayed.

Sept 7, 2008. 85 Wellesley Street E. (5th floor)

United We Stand, Divided We have to put up with the nasty woman at Wynn's office.

my email is [email protected] if you wish to contact me re: tenants association.

I started getting itchy about 6 weeks ago and noticed something that looked like bites on my feet and ankles.

I woke up one Monday a.m. about a month ago and when the hot shower water hit my back I could feel itchy, ouch-y things on my back. I looked in the mi

rror and it looked just like the bedbug bite pics on the net.

I called the city and she said to vacuum and put down carpet tape (double sided) on the floor around my bed.

I also took off all my bedding and just put a fitted sheet on the mattress. I wrapped double-sided tape around the mattress as well.

Not one bug to be seen. 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours.... nothing.

Just the other day I finally put the dust skirt, etc. back on my bed.

This morning I woke up with bites all over my back side and took my bed apart again. I found a bed bug in the frame and one on box spring (in the creases).

I vacuumed the hell out of my bed and put a fitted sheet over the box spring - which I then went around with double sided tape.

I am double-drying my bedding (again) and will just go with the fitted sheet on the mattress (and yes, double sided tape).

The city advised me that heat kills the bugs and the eggs.

Also, remember to toss out your vacuum bag as soon as you are done vacuuming - the eggs can hatch in there and you are back to square one.

I think it is time to organize as a group and deal with this (and many other issues in this Wynn building).

Maybe we can even get the crack addicts and their crack apartments out of the building along with the jerks on the 7th floor that toss their bottles and left over food containers out of the window.

A couple of weekends ago it was a back pack, clothes and a pair of rollerblades. One of the flying roller blades made a nasty hole in someone's windshield. Luckily it was not a person.

I went down and the police were already here - no charges though.

Good luck and sleep well.

p.s. they do not necessarily wait for you to hit the bed, I think I have received a few foot and ankle bites while sitting at my computer.

Oh yea, for a fact there are people on the 2nd floor who have no heat in their apartments. Brutal!

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Anyone with experience taking the issue of bed bugs to the Landlord Tenant Board please contact [email protected] asap. We have a hearing scheduled regarding a nearby building soon!


We lived in a WYNN building before. We moved in, the apartment was DISGUSTING and it smelt. There was mould and mushrooms literally growing from the bathroom ceiling. I harassed Debbie Wynn for DAYS! They only came to fix it after I told her TOronto Public Health was coming. They did the worst job ever and it all grew back within a couple of days. This was at 91 Cosburn Avenue. We then transferred to what was supposed to be 1 of their nicer (HAHA!). The apartment we where pro

mised turned out to be not available so we where given one on the opposite side of the building which looked onto the subway. Needless to say the trains kept us up at night and woke us up in the morning, it was so cold and windy because of the cracks in the windows. The balcony door would vibrate whenever the subway went by, it was TERRIBLE. There where holes in the walls & ceiling's, the hallways where disgusting. It was nasty. We left, moved out, they haven't tried to do anything to us, well actually a credit recovery man was calling but I informed him we have a lot of pictures of the moldy mushrooms and the fact that we signed a lease for an apartment they never let us move into and we didn't sign one for the one we did move into, he never called back ever again.
We are in 77 Huntley St now (read the reviews), with bed bugs, and are taking them to court. You have to file a T6 and a T2 form, it's $45 at the Landlord Tenant Board.
We bought a condo and are so scared of bringing the bugs with us that we might have to abandon all furniture.
Good luck with Debbie, they could care less about any problems. People at 91 Cosburn went without heaters in the winter, I heard from a tenant)!
FILE THE APPLICATIONS! Stop letting scum lords get away with their crap.

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Wow! What incredibly irresponsible landlords. Unbelievable that they would only fumigate your apartment - I noticed some a few weeks ago and coated my apartment in diatomacious earth. Haven't noticed anything since. So, wynn - how about actually posting notices about bedbugs and treating the whole building so the bugs can stop just moving from room to room? But then you haven't put in the smoke detector I asked for months ago either, so what do I expect? AVOID THIS BUILDING!!!

UPDATE: They have fumigated again and I haven\'t had any issues since. Here's hoping it stays that way!

They do indeed have an awful reputation which is why I've been freaking out about calling them. Hoping they surprise me by actually being reasonable, considering how easy it would be for them to find a new (poor, unsuspecting) tenant anyway. I'll post an update once I've been in touch with them. Seeing as there's a huge pile of furniture sitting outside the building which I now suspect is there because of infestations in other units, I'm sure they won't be surprised by my phonecall.

FYI, this

building has cockroaches too, though I've found that unlike the bedbugs, the roaches tend to stay out of my apartment as long as I don't leave food or dirty dishes out. Compared to bedbugs, cockroaches seem almost benign to me now. Sad, eh?

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I cannot speak as to how easy/difficult getting out of your lease will be - but just fyi to all other visitors: Wynn Properties is considered by most to be the worst private rental firm operating in the city.

An older article from Eye Weekly magazine, reproduced here: http://ca.geocities.com/wltenants/eye99jan01.htm

UPDATE: Turns out there HAVE been other complaints and units sprayed for bedbugs in the building in the past year and it's been a known problem, not just in my unit. Despite this, they haven't felt it was worth spraying the whole building. Now I'm just hoping I can get out of my lease early. If anyone's ever had any experiences getting out of a lease with these landlords (Wynn Family Properties), please let me know.

I was waking up every morning a couple of months ago (I guess it started in May or June 2008 and it is now July 2008) with bites that increased in number each day. I finally discovered some bedbugs in my laundry hamper and crawling on my futon. I told my superintendent about it and she said no one else had complained of bed bugs but ordered an exterminator for me. While she was very nice about it, I was told they are only going to spray MY unit (they will only spray the units of those who compla

in). Well, I know I didn't bring them into the building because they didn't arrive until several months after I moved in (and I didn't bring in any furniture or anything after that that wasn't brand new), and that means they're not just in my unit. Spraying just one apartment is useless .. bedbugs do not just stay in one place in a building full of people.

If you live at this address and have experienced any bites, itching, or spotted any of the bugs, PLEASE report it and please tell the superintendent immediately. I'm actually toying with the idea of slipping notes about the bedbugs under everyone's door but don't want to get anyone angry with me. Please post here about any experiences you have because I'm not sure what to do about it myself.

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