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Dear Anonymous on 08/29/2012:

There is no doubt that this building is being neglected, but complaining to the "superintendent" (a kid of about 21!) is generally useless.

File for a hearing with the Landlord and Tenant Board. If we take up enough of Greenwin's time and money with hearings, maybe they will hire a responsible adult to run the building.

If you talk to other tenants (in the laundry room, for instance), most of them have had serious issues with his boss, the property manage

r. Several have told me they avoid her, because she is rude, and does nothing.

The only solution is to keep bringing Greenwin before the Board, and take other legal measures. You can also call the Investigations Unit of the Ministry of Housing, and the City of Toronto Municipal Standards Dept. (call or email "311" for assistance with that).

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We are presently tentents of 81 Isabella and new to Toronto, so we had about one week to find an apt. with no knowledge of the city in Sept. which is not a good time after students have claimed the very best of what is out there for rent. The location seemed pretty central and convenient. The apt. we moved into was painted, tiled and carpet cleaned before moving in. Pretty shotty finishing...and the landlord approved the workmanship. The apt. could have really used new carpet in the livingroom a

That said, we have THANKFULLY not had any problem with bugs, mice, or roaches. Our complaint is general cleaniness of the place. Hallway carpets are soiled and smelly. The heating and cooling sysytems...if you can call it a system (is an old hotel style wall heater/fan and old wall heater in the bedroom) does not work properly. My husband complained, with no response at all. We are coming up to our yearly agreement...and are going to confront this again before signing a new lease at a increased rent!

Many thanks for the reports here...wish we had seen this BEFORE moving in!!!

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Dear "Anonymous on 07/24/2012":

Just a reminder to you, and all, that this is the same building as *83 (it is one building with two fronts on Isabella. The two halves of the building are connected at the back, and by the basement).

The superintendent is a young, inexperienced, lazy *&^% in his early twenties, even worse than the negligent old joke before him.

This building is owned by a small landlord called "Bellanda Holdings" ( a little old lady, apparently), and "ma


If you look at the Greenwin.ca site, under "Leadership", you will see that some of their top people now come from such companies as Cap Reit and Transglobe. The company actually brags about such work experience!

There seem to have been many changes, recently, in the executive office. The last CEO, for instance, lasted only a year. The new one (appopinted last month) worked for ... Cap Reit and Transglobe.

There is an outstanding Order to Comply from the City on this building, re cockroach infestation. It was issued THREE MONTHS AGO, and is still OPEN.

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I came back to this site to check if there had been any more reports with regards to bed bugs. My boyfriend had posted about our experience here as we were moving out. (Tenant across the hall dying; was sprayed; etc). Its worthy to say that I did not receive any more bites after we moved out of that apartment which leads me to believe that the main infestation was in the apartment across the hall. I still have numerous scars that will not go away and I thought that I was completely crazy for m

onths. We loved this apartment, however as another person mentioned, things were always untidy. There was a piece of pizza that laid in the hallway for weeks and the mice were out of control (once killed a whole family of 5 in one night). I don't know how the place is maintained now as they were switching landlords but it is a shame to me that such a place is not taking care of properly. Its a beautiful old building that is slowly deteriorating and I'm assuming will eventually be bulldozed and condos will replace it.

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I am thinking of moving into 88 isabella. I saw a report for the building listed under 100 wellesley st. from 2009. Does anyone know if 88 isabella still has bed bugs?

You've noticed a greater turnaround of tenants, probably because of how 81-83 Isabella is currently being managed. I have been told that, up until four years ago, it was managed much, much better.

We have not yet had confirmed bedbugs (although one of us had a multitude of unexplained itchy spots), but have had all kinds of other pests (not roaches).

Cleanliness of the common elements seems not to be a priority (eg. the laundry room and stairwells).

It is our experience that there is a

strong tendency for employees of the landlord's building management company habitually to make promises that are never kept, and to reply to maintenance requests with statements that are at pronounced variance to the truth.

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I've lived in this building for nearly 10 years now and haven't had a problem nor have I heard of any bugs. I have noticed a greater turn around of tenants lately. Never used to be like that.

Isabella has some pretty infested building and people are dumb enough to take infested furniture that has been thrown home!!!

Now that you've alarmed us all, Colin, how about being responsible and giving us an update?

It should be known that

1) the Landlord/landlord's agent is Greenwin,,and
2) that 81 Isabella and 83 Isabella are the same building (The Merlan, 81-83 Isabella).

The neighbor across the hall died about 8 months ago, and when they cleaned out his apartment, my girlfriend started getting bites.
Fast-forward to about now, she is still getting bites and someone else moved in. We finally got our landlord to spray our apartment and found out the neighbors across the hall had a big infestation that they were getting sprayed as well. That happened about 2 weeks ago and the neighbors still have the bedbugs and the landlord won't spray again. The neighbor has th

e shell out $400 to spray it himself.
We have also not gotten the bites to stop, but we are moving out in about a month, and trying to take the precautions that we can to not bring them with us.
If you don't like bedbugs, you probably don't want to live here.

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