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I may have bed bugs, I wake up with bites but have not seen them so far only a suspicion. Rose also told me that she watches me on camera it's like big sister is watching my every move. Does anyone know if this is legal?

Yes, this building is still contaminated with bed bugs. Since I have lived here there have ALWAYS been matresses & sofas at the side of the building, ready for garbage pick up -including right now. My unit is nearing a dozen infestations to date.

The management continues the abuse of tenants, the police has twice been called this month for assaults from her- yet the board continues to ignore this issue!

The building looks nice from far but it will continue to be far from nice until the

y replace the manager Rose, who basically does whatever she wants just as the tenants below have noted. She knows how to play the politics game with the board of directors and behind their backs, she gets some kind of ego gratification from abusing tenants at every opportunity! She literally goes out of her way to harrass me, continuously. And there's nothing I can do about this because there is no higher authority beyond the board.

So, to stay on topic here, there are several people with beg bugs that woun't speak out about it because they just don't want to be abused. It's rediculous.

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Guess what? It's February 2012 and the building STILL HAS BEDBUG PROBLEMS. Anyone living here knows this problem has existed for over 6 years!! To the member who posted that the building is 90% bedbug free - people like you are part of the problem. You cannot praise someone for a job well done until the job has actually been done. If you are thinking about moving in... don't. It's just not worth it.

Bed bugs have not returned to my unit and this building seems to be nearly, if not completelly bed bug free. However, since there are other people on this thread complaining about the manager, Rose Schwartz, let me say that anyone wishing to move into this building should know that infact the property manager routinely abuses tenants. I am disabled and personally have been harrassed at EVERY SINGLE encounter I have had with her (she even told me that she watches me on the cameras). The situatio

n is so bad that I have written down her schedule to avoid bumping into her, so that I will not be bullied, as it is very stressful. I am not comfortable asking for the things that I need and this is done by design so that tenants will not bother her (my neighbours have also told me that they are being routinely harrassed). In addition, I do not feel anyone would be comfortable bringing this to the board because she is very good at office politics, deceitful and uses lies to cover up her tracks. So no bed bugs, but until this drama seeking power tripper Rose Schwartz is fired, this co-op building will not be a nice or safe place to live.

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today november 2011, this building is 90% bed bug free .
a big thank you goes to the manager, staff cleaner,maintenance.
and big thanks to the present board,.
i love this building i have live here since its opening in 1995.

I find it very interesting and telling that the very same building manager bought items from the member in question who was blamed for the outbreak to begin with.


There is a bedbug problem at this building. But rather than working together tenants are playing a blame game. This is motivated by the manager, Rose Schwartz. She can't keep her negative opinions about the tenants to herself and uses every opportunity in her staff updates to disparage the tenants she does not approve of. She keeps an eye on behaviour that she does not approve of using the camera in the elevator. In a staff update she wrote:

"So, smile for the cameras. My lips are sealed, unl

ess the acts seen presents a grave danger to the health and well being of members and staff. However, my mind and thoughts of the behaviour viewed are not."

I am not sure which is worse, the bebbugs or the manager. This will not be a pleasant place to live until the Board of this Coop fires her. If they don't do it soon they are liable to find themselves with a lawsuit because of this loose canon manager.

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The Summer of the 2009 report was posted by the building by the building's manager. This is obvious from the language and the tone. It matches the tone of her regular staff updates. This is her passive aggressive way of harassing the tenant on the 13th floor.

Summer of 2009, had a major infestation in the building, largely due to a unit on the 13th floor. The tenants chose to ignore it, rather than report it and managed to infest a number of other units in the building through their apathetic actions. This is a beautiful, modern building; it's unfortunate that thoughtless people with no concern for their own well-being, let alone others', end up negatively impacting so many other conscientious tenants who take pride in their homes.

There have been a number of reports from tenants that there are bedbugs in the building. The building offers a steam cleaner to help keep them under control. Most recently they have been reported on the 13th floor.

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