70 Gloucester St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I have lived in this building for 7 years on the lower level.
Never a single incident or trace of bedbugs.
No roaches or silverfish.
Basement spiders...well...different story!
It's a great building.

We moved into this building at the beginning of the summer and we haven't found any bedbugs as of yet. We check for them once in a while and so far, so good. I also asked the previous tenants that were living in my unit before us and they said that in the past year or so, they haven't had any problems.

Hi Anonymous, I have also considered this building but now I am afraid after finding all these reports! They were posted 2 years ago and I would assume that the problem has been delt with otherwise people would still be complaining and writing reports. I'm assuming of course. Anyone having some helpful information please respond!

Does anyone know if the issue has been resolved? Looking to rent a place here and nervous after finding this.

We discovered bugs on our bedframe 2 weeks ago while cleaning. There were a lot of dead shells and some adult bugs. Neither of us had bites at that point. We stripped the room immediately and started bagging laundry and washing everything. We took the bed apart and cleaned it. Bagged everything. Three days after contacting the landlord, pest control came and sprayed. We weren't really given any information, but our landlord told us that the apartment below us had recently been sprayed. It is now

a week later, and I am still being bitten. However, I was told by the pest control company that it is normal for up to 3 weeks to still see bugs. We have contacted our landlord for a follow up treatment. He has paid for pest control services without question. Fingers crossed.

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I lived at this location for many years and had the same issue, only once, with bedbugs. The problem was resolved and look after immediately by the building owner/agent. It did not reoccur!

This building has a serious bed bug problem.

I first became suspicious of bed bugs in mid-April 2010 when I started discovering random blood splatters on my bed sheets and pillow coverings. The stains spread rapidly - going from 6-7 stains one night, to nearly 20 the following night. It was after inspecting my bed frame and discovered a colony of dark red blood-suckers crawling in clusters that I concluded I had a major bed bug problem. I called the landlord and he contacted a pest control co

mpany immediately. Unfortunately the exterminators couldn't slot me in for another 4 days (not the landlord's fault). So I waited. On fumigation day, the exterminators said they'd arrive between 10am and noon. They didn't arrive till 3pm, which was a MAJOR inconvenience. They sprayed the place, and that was the end of it.

Or was it? Four days after my place was fumigated, live bed bugs were STILL visible in my bedroom (and yes - I properly prepared my unit for the exterminators by moved my furniture to the center of the room and vacuuming around the baseboards). I called the landlord and was told that I would have to wait 2 weeks until I could receive a second treatment (the pest control company's policy, not his). Two weeks of tolerating the bugs later, the pest control company returns. They spray the place. Everything in my unit is fine - for a month. Then, in June 2010, what happens? The blood stains and bed bugs returned. The pest control company is called in and sprays the place again - the THIRD time in less 2 months.

And I'm not alone. Both my neighbours down the hall from me (who had their unit sprayed 2 months ago) AND my neighbours who live above me discovered fresh bed bugs this week.

At this point I've accepted the fact that these bugs won't go away. I'll likely have to throw away all my furniture when I move. The landlord needs to fumigate the entire building - not just each unit separately when a problem arises. The landlord has, however, paid for every extermination treatment. He also has acted promptly whenever I've filed a report.

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70 Gloucester St. Appartment 8 2006/2007 ish.

My wife started getting these big welts on her arms and legs, and we couldnt figure out where they were comming from. At first we figured spider bites, but after some research, we found out the horrors of bed bugs. A week or so later she found one crawling on her. We called the landlord, and he immediately had exterminators called in to spray our appartment. It was a very early infestation, as there were no marks on our bed, or furniture. We did n

ot have any problems after it was sprayed. We were both very impressed with our landlord with how he dealt with the situation.

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