59 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Have there been any new bedbug sightings since 2008?

You can purchase Diatomaceous Earth in bulk ($9.00/kg) at Green Roots on the Danforth at Chester.

On November 26, 2008, all units on lines 01-03-05 were sprayed. Apt 605 REFUSED to be sprayed. He is so arrogant! Apt 1003 had his whole unit sprayed. Kudos to Greenwin Property Management for doing it the right way – spraying in a block up+down the lines. Kudos to Superintendent Marie as well.

Floor 9 has still got them. I just got sprayed, and I hear my neighbours on either side got sprayed last month. Seems they are going from unit to unit.

2008 09 16 - floor 10|9|6|5 have them. All sprayed, some are follow-ups. Originally I found one back on 7/26 in the bathroom. They're travelling up/down the pipes.

Last infestation was 2005 on floor 6|5|4|3. Took 5 sprayings to get rid of them.

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