415 Jarvis St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Moved in found bed bugs. Moved out. units infested.
Mattress been thrown out daily.

Unfortunately, the problem here has only progressed. The number of beds that have been thrown out each week has been consistent (2-3/week). Some units have major issues that are not being dealt with and due to the construction of the building the bugs are moving around to find new sources of food.

I have been battling them in my unit for a full year (since fall 2010). I have had 6 pesticide applications (and done hundreds of loads of laundry and thousands of $ in dry cleaning) - each time it

works to get rid of them. HOWEVER, because the source of the bugs has not be taken care of, they keep coming back.

Because these units are privately owned, the Property Management cannot force units to be treated. However, the Condo Board may have to step in soon because it is not getting better and ignoring the problem does not help. A single unit owner cannot fight this on their own. This will take a coordinated effort.

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Noticed a used mattress today in the garbage area which someone had written "bed bugs" on it with a black marker. A good time to be cautious if you are living in the complex.

Sunday September 13, 2009

415 Jarvis Street Unit 156, Toronto, ON

Since moving in a week ago, bedbugs were originally the least of my concerns. I guess it was the "that would never happen to me" attitude that made me overlook the fact that my landlord is ripping up carpets and moving out mattresses in the middle of the week. Then yesterday afternoon I was just sitting at my computer, I started itching and realized that my right forearm was covered in little red bumps. At first I thought it

was a food allergy (how I prayed it was just a food allergy), then in a couple of hours, it wasn't just my forearm, my entire arm was bite-ridden (rough count of more than 50 bites). Then it became both of my arms, my shoulders, my entire back. Right now is 7 in the morning, I haven't slept the whole night and my entire body itches like crazy.

I caught 4 bugs, kept three in a bottle and taped one to an index card. In a couple of hours I'm going to have a serious talk with my landlord. I was considering moving out of here ASAP, but after checking this website, I guess this is the price I pay for living in Toronto.

ps. It's quite fascinating watching those little buggers get "intimate" with each other in my water bottle prison cell, or my live specimen struggling under the tape. :)

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