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Contrary to the comments made by "Gone and Back on 02/11/2013", bedbugs have absolutely nothing to do with filth, even immaculate homes can have bedbugs. Get your facts straight!

I have lived in this building before for many years and now returned. I never had bedbugs or saw any. But the truth is that bedbugs come with dirty and unclean people. We may clean our apartments as many times as we want and they may clean the stairs as many times as possible but if the neighbor is dirty and keeps the apartment filthy, then yes you will have bedbugs.
Ants are annoying but I have been able to control them, I hope. Keep your apartment clean and spray regularly by the entry door a

nd balcony door and on the divider of the common balcony.
Stay away from other peoples’ clothes in the laundry, you never know…
Remember this, bedbugs come with dirty people!
The new Cleaner Guy is doing a great work and the Superintendent is always willing to help and accommodate any reasonable request.
I know it is an old building but very well located and huge areas.
Keep your apartments clean at all times!

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I got bed bugs infestation 3 times over 5 years. And I've been living in this place for over 15 years. The first time took me 6 months to get rid off. And no problem like for over a year or 2. The second time took me 3 months. After 2 years they appear again. I suspect its from other floors during the summer through the balconies. From now on I'm going to spray every few weeks just to contain the problem. I am trying to turn all furniture to either plastic or metal. The key for me is to spray an

ything and everything in the apartment and I use those powder too all over the floor. It's got nothing to do with the cleanliness of a person. Bed Bugs has become a huge issue and the government is not paying any attention to it. It does not matter what addresses you type in. It's all over the city!!

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This building is full or cockroaches! I moved in 6 months ago and the landlord assured me that there were no bugs - what a lie. After about 2.5 months I started to see little bugs... now they are huge and everywhere. The landlord has called pest control 4 times and the problem persists - they are now coming every 2 weeks for 6 months! I have gotten out of my lease, but have suffered anxiety as they have grown and are terrifying!

This building absolutely DOES have bed bugs, and in several units.

This building absolutely DOES have bed bugs, and in several units.

I was really attacking that person. I seriously think that people should better inform themselves before they post anything up here. I am not saying that his building couldn't have bed bugs. I am not just randomly attacking him/her. seriously people who live with the bugs in their bed won't see them let alone you just walk by the second floor and see them on the carpet. I do notice there are a lot of these little brown beatles in my units, they are maybe about a mm big, but they know how to fly

and as far as I know they dont' bite..... anyways as for the person talking about used to living on the 9th floor, if you can just move away and take your mattress with you with out carrying the bugs, I am pretty sure they were other things that were biting you. if there were bed bugs biting you for 2 years your mattress would have been full of them you can't just move away and they'd leave you alone.

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Lived on 9th floor. There were bedbugs in my unit in the last 2 years (2009-2010). Had red bite marks all over my body due to them, was horrible. I couldn't see them during the day. Bed location was near window however, but still.

Mattress was fine when I moved elsewhere, problem stopped.

Haven't experienced any bed bugs during my time here but the ants are indeed a problem (I've tried a number of things as well) and the super isn't super responsive to any complaints. It's certainly the loudest building I've ever lived in (many people allow their doors to slam with a super loud thud that is unnecessary and disturbing) and their are parts of the unit that could use repair.

This is just to confirm there are indeed bed bugs in the building. The other poster is right, they are/were in at least one unit on the 2nd floor. They also are/were on the 9th or 11th floor, I forget. There also cockroaches on the 2nd floor.

Finally to the person talking about the ants, they are pharaoh ants and the only way to get rid of them is to do all the apartments in the building at the same time. So pester your landlord and if they refuse take them to the Landlord and Tenant Tribuna


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I wasn't attacking Duckism at all, but some people have some ill-informed ideas at times (for example, that bugs can't be seen in hallways if in fact the building is infested) that are simply not true, so I was just trying to clarify that fact. I don't live in your building and what you say might be true. I was just responding to the tone Duckism was using, which sounded just a little too "sure of himself." I read so many ads on here where there are probably legitimate BB sightings but others in

the same building (who have not yet seen or had the same problem) just go all out and say b-s. That's what I mean by people attacking others. I just want to see a balance. I hope whatever is happening in your building gets resolved if there are BBs and if not and the other post isn't true, well, that's the internet I guess...

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Mr Anonymous, you say you wish people would stop attacking each other but aren't you in fact doing that to Duckism. Anyway Duckism is correct in saying the first guy chou is full of it. there are no bugs crawling everywhere, thats ridiculous. i know, i live there. and it just so happens i am in a related field to BB. now there may or may not have been an incident in a unit within the building. but to say the common areas are littered with bugs is unrealistic. chou is infact trying to scar

e people about bugs crawling everywhere, it just simply is no true. the hallway carpets are worn, i agree and dont get vacuumed as often as they should. but the lobby carpet was newly installed this past summer. it is not black, infact is is brown and still in great condition. yeah there are small ants, but they are harmless and it is far better then having roaches. the building overall is in good shape for a downtown property. i have had nothing but a great experience there over the last 3 years.

Sorry, lastly. Mr. Clean, if this is true, do you know if it has been treated or not?

Thank you!

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Duckism, it's true that carpet beetles are often mistaken for bedbugs, but it's also true that in truly infested buildings bedbugs have indeed been seen in elevators and in hallway carpets (they migrate any way they can, including AC vents, electrical wiring and piping, as well as walking down the hallway like you or I), so don't be so quick to treat the report you think is bull as inaccurate. God I wish people on this site would just stick to reporting their BB experiences and not attacking eac

h other...

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There is a bedbug problem on the second floor of this apartment building right now.

gosh!.. if you don't know what the hell a bed bug is please don't just type whatever you feel on here and make people worry. The first person posted on here doesn't know what s/he's talking about... do you even know anything about bed bugs or what they look like? you say that you see them on the carpet of second and third floor... you know bed bugs don't just expose themselves on the carpet floor for you to see them. Even people who actually have problem with bed bugs in their house they might n

ot even see them or know them existed. A lot of people only find out they have it by the marks on their body.

I know its easy for people to post things on line these day with the internet and all, but for fuck's sake! use the internet and look up the topics you are talking about before you post.

I have only seen these weird little brown beetles around, but they are not bed bugs. i also have ants in my apartment too. They are the smallest ants I have ever seen. one time I open a book from my book shelf found that they nested in the book, really wanted to keep them as pets but some how they all ran away after I opened the book. and as far as killing them. I think you should just leave them, they dont' bite and ants are the cleanest insects out there they dont' spread decease because they have a gland in their body that helps kill germs.

anyways I am glade that I only see this building on here is because some stupid idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about instead of really have bed bugs here.

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Have not seen any bedbugs, but there are ants everywhere! I have used ant spray and traps COUNTLESS times, keep the counters as clean as possible (disinfect, bleach etc daily) but can't get rid of them. Hoping they will die off in the winter...
Also, over the summer the elevators were constantly broken. Problem seems to be fixed for now, but I won't hold my breath.

not sure what "Joh" is on about but my unit was an absolute mess. the bathroom leaked, the walls were crumbling down and the supers did nothing. the bathroom wall was so water damaged that it went into the bedroom closet. the plaster would flake off in chunks. i ended up putting plastic up so that the plaster wouldn't ruin clothing.
worse was the response from the property manager who was happy to tell me to move if i was unhappy.

No Bugs in the building, as a resident of over 18 years I've never seen anybody bugs, nor is this building falling apart.

I lived in this building for many years and while the supers are absolutely useless and the building was falling apart - there were no bugs.

I am saw some beg bugs on the lift carpet and on floor 3, 2, and lobby. Maybe one day they will coming to my floor. The beg bugs are crawling all over the carpets!!!! The carpets is so dirty and black so nobody can see them me and my friends is scared.

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