35 Charles St W
Toronto, ON M4Y

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What floors were the infestations on in 35 Charles St? Anyone have any problems with bedbugs recently in 35 Charles St or 30? Supposedly they check the furniture when you move in, but maybe people bring things in when they aren't supposed to. Also if the infestation is really bad it will just move from apt to apt(very rare). Seems like they take good care of the building so I'm probably worried over nothing. I read this building used to be public/subsidized housing before UT took over. So it cou

ld just be 1 or 2 apts that they just can't get rid of them in. In addition I haven't heard anything about mice or rats so that's a plus. Thanks so much!

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There are bedbugs because certain tenants bring bedbug infested furniture into the building. Also, the bedbug issue is not addressed at a building-wide level. Bedbugs are a problem but the cockroach infestation is worse. NO treatment will get rid of the cockroaches as they keep coming back after two weeks.

I lived here for more than 2 years (2010-2012) and for few months I was fighting with Bedbugs, and I know some of my neighbors (in different floors) had the same problem.

The management are trying to control this problem by continuous treatment, but I believe with the huge number of pets in the building it is not that easy.

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