330 Jarvis St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Follow up to post above. (D.M. Oct 12 )

The first group of 'Nice' Furniture was put out the back of the building before Thanksgiving weekend ( I believe on the 10th or 11th )
It was actually a tenant from another apartment that Taped the warning signs on the furniture The people that emptied the apartment did not bother to do so.
(I think some of these signs where eventually removed, probably by people rummaging through the stuff.)

TCHC & The City need to make it MANDATORY that a 'Bed B

ug Fact' sheet be placed in every building in the city. (how to depose of items, how to identify bed bugs etc. )

One of the fastest ways that bed bugs are spread is because people dispose of furniture with out destroying it.....ie slashing cushions,writing "Bed Bugs" in marker directly on items, etc thus making them unattractive.

I noticed this very 'Nice Furniture' sat out the back of the building for over a week......and was constantly picked over and most of it disappeared before TCHC had it removed....likely taken back into other apartments in our building or taken by people to other buildings.
Thus spreading the infestation further. Because people came along and probably said to themselves " That's a perfectly good coffee table and it's the right price..... Free"

I have also noticed that furniture is regularly placed inside the recycling room behind the elevator....there should be signs telling people not to do this.

This is a ongoing problem in our building and has been going on for years.....I believe it is very widespread in TCHC as with many other buildings in the city....including .....shush..Condos.
But it is more likely that people on low incomes will bring items that other people throw away into their homes.

That is why I think it should be MANDATORY to have Bed Bug Fact Sheets posted in ALL buildings in the city.

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Oct 18th 2012 I noticed a large amount of what looked to be decent furniture stacked outside behind this building I live in for one week, furniture that is badly infested from bedbugs and cockroaches as per sign on this furniture. I encountered a TCHC Employee escourting 2 pest control contractors out of the building while taking the elevetor down to the ground level to walk my dog I asked them what they were spraying for as they had spray canisters the TCHC Employee would not answer me, he only

would say they were spraying an apt. I kept asking till one of the contractor's final answered They were spraying for BEDBUGS AND COCKROACHES. I stopped someone on the street that I know lives on floor 5 and was informed that 4 thats right FOUR apts on the 4th floor have been emptied of furniture as the infestation is that BAD and now they are treating/spraying on the 5th floor also now. WOW so over 5 aparments with a sever enough infestation they have to discard all couches chairs beds etc. (84unit building)thats over 5% of the building and TCHC has NOT NOTIFIED ALL TENANTS to chk. TCHC Toronto Community Housing Corp. (operating Unit K office located @ 155 Sherbourne St.Udo Rohman Manager is responsable for this building)

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