31 Homewood Ave
Toronto, ON M4Y

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On August 31st 2015 I came to see the place and decided to reserve the room, which required a deposit.
The Landlord told me that the room had to be renovated, so I had to move there at 2nd or maximum 3rd of September.
After that he asked me to wait for a day more, saying that the guy, who lived in that room, took an extra day to move out. I was ok with that as it's not a big deal. However, after two more days I asked the landlord when I can move in and he said the he needed more time as his

worker got sick. Then I waited day and day, and day... and week. It seemed suspicious to me, so I decided to check this place at internet and found bed bugs report. So, I texted to the Landlord that I want my money back as I do not want to live in the house infested with bed bugs.
Sure, he said that there are no bed bugs and that the last issue with bed bugs was in 2008. But we can see even from this link that it's not true.
So, I said to him that I do not want to risk and I still want my money back.

After that he started to ignore my calls and messages.

He neither provided me with any room nor he returned my money.

I'm still hoping to get my money back, but anyways the Landlord showed himself as not a decent person to deal with.

Stay away from this place

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When i heard there were comments about the house in had to also had to post. You dont need to live here for and foremost! But its a very nice place, reasonable rent and as clean as it gets! Seriously ive been here two years and everyone is mad cool including the landlord! There are 13 rooms and if one person has an issue it doesn't speak for all of us! Also i haven't had a bed bug issue, news to me!!!!!!

Yah all lies live there, like most place there are prbs! Landlord is mad cool, and yes there have been bug issues like most of toronto but landlord has been on top of it. He buys new beds and hires the rite ppl! The person posting is hiding his name , but Sebastian you left cause of other reasons and want to blame the landlord. Im only writing this because your not a good person and most ppl are.

Also house is fully licensed by the city of Toronto and by law the landlord has to keep the hous

e clean free of bugs, not like most of the illegal rooming house in Toronto.

see full report...

31 homewood ave is filled with bedbugs. How couldt ir not be. It is heaven for them: conditions aré deplorable, its dark, humid and nasty. The landlord is a thieve who takes advantage of students and new comers. Dont let the paintjob over rotten driwall fool you.

I have found bedbugs on my room and I have bites on all body, it's awful

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