30 Gloucester St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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i am looking to rent in this building, does anyone know if there is a bedbug problem now. please reply to [email protected]

does anyone know if there are bedbug problem still in this building? please email [email protected]

These postings are silly ! someone "heard rumours" and then tried to get info from building manager and couldn't..duh.. when you rent in a condo or co-ownership your landlord is the owner of the unit, the property management of the building only deals with you (a tenant) through them. If you have an issue it is with your landlord (the unit owner). They and you are subject to the rules and by-laws of the building and not necessarily covered by all the rules in the landlord tenant act. Knowledge i

s power

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We learned at the beginning of February that this building had bedbugs. We asked the building manager which floors had infested units. The manager was very hesitant to disclose information but finally admitted to me that floors 3, 16, 17 and 2 floors in the 20-something range (I forget precisely which 2) had bedbugs. The units cannot be disclosed because of vioation of privacy. When my roommate went down to inquire, the building manager insisted that only two units were infested which doesn't a

dd up when I was told that 5 floors had infestation. Interestingly enough, the building manager vehemently denied this fact when my roommate confronted her with it. Anyway, it is clear that the extent of the problem was not being disclosed. We informed our landlord and who was completely unaware of the situation. It's apathy and a lack of communication that lends itself to an uncontrollable spread of this problem.

Anyway, I asked the occupants of the unit across the hall and the unit beside me whether they were aware of any bedbugs in their units. They said they were not. We did not encounter any bugs either but still moved out within a week since our floor was just below one of the infested floors. All the manager is doing is spraying the individual units that are infested, not the units surrounding them which is necessary to prevent the bedbugs from moving. In my opinion, not enough has been done to inform tenants and to resolve the problem.

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The building had bedbugs for a few years (2008). I took me on the 3rd floor multiple chemical interventions to get ride of them, plus I replaced all my furniture. The building management (a previous company than we have today, offered free chemicals).
It was a very stressful time.

About a month ago, a neighbor below me mentioned that thier neighbor (directly across from him, directly underneath me) had a severe bedbug infestation and that they have gotten to his apartment. He had asked me if i had any at the time, and I had not. However, we found multiple on our pillows today.

We will be moving out ASAP.

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