27 Homewood Ave
Toronto, ON M4Y

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BEWARE of misleading and false accusations. There are NO bedbugs at 27 Homewood Avenue. Ask me and all the other bedbug-free tenants that live there.

From September until the end of October 2010 our apartment had bed bugs. After multiple attempts to get the landlord to take care of the problem he finally came with just a flashlight and tried to tell us that all you need to do is vacuum and the pros don’t know what they are doing! After much arguing we decided to let him try and get rid of them himself. BIG mistake! He was giving us the run around for a few days and then we decided to call in a professional and paid out of our own pocke

t. The exterminator confirmed the bed bugs and said Homewood Ave has a ton of cases! We are now fighting with the slumlord and are trying to get reimbursement for the extermination. DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! If the bed bugs don't scare you off, the tranny's and crackheads that use the back ally way every night will!!!!!! BEWARE!

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During October of 2010 I noticed grouping of bites on my arms and legs each morning. After researching what the bite looked like and felt like I was 99% sure it was bedbugs. Although the slum landlord tried to refuse me I called in a professional who confirm that it was in fact bedbugs. He also confirmed that he had been into almost every house on Homewood Ave to treat for the same problem. He also warned that the rest of the units in the house would most likley be infested as well. After pay

ing the exterminator out of pocket, the landlord tried to tell me that the problem was my responsibility as a tenant and made various attempts not to pay me back. DO NOT LIVE HERE - LANDLORD IS A SLUM AND THE PLACE IS A DUMP. Bed Bug infested house, high rent, crack and halfway houses surrounding, not to mention the tranny hookers that stand on the front lawn at night.

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