25 Wellesley St E
Toronto, ON M4Y

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The apt. next door to ours was infested. We knew because the neighbor told us but the landlord and building never informed us. Apx.1,year later the building management said they needed to randomly inspect some apts. for bedbugs. Our was one of those and the test was positive. we know that the ppl beneath us have them too. the building owners are completely irresponsible and have not informed the tenants. this happened in apx sept or oct 2010. As far as im concerned we shud be compensated for the

multiple beds and couches we had to throw away because of theeir negligence and not dealing with the infestation.

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We obsereved mature bedbugs and their eggs on the wall of our appartment, in this building on Sep,26,2010. We have reported to the superintendent. It seemed that it was not a surprise and when the inspector came in, he also mentioned that he was there to clean another apartment!!
We will see how efficient the cleaning will be. However there are a lot of cracks and holes in the base of the walls and the wood floor that I think, unless a good renovation, the chances are that the creatures will co

me back.

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