25 Grenville St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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If even one unit in the entire building has bed bugs it is a problem. No report is to be discounted as a lie if you have no proof there are no bed bugs anywhere in your building.

Bed bugs can live more than a year without feeding, so just because you haven't seen any doesn't mean they aren't lurking under the broadloom and baseboards.

I live in a building that has several infested units but mine doesn't have any. This doesn't mean there isn't a problem just because I don't have them.

As a prospective condo buyer I take all reports of bed bugs on this registry seriously.

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In response to the earlier post, yes bed bugs should be taken seriously. I have a problem when the information presented isn't a reflection of what is actually taking place in this building.

All reports of bed bugs MUST be taken seriously. Anyone disputing the original report does not have a clue of the condition of every single unit in their building, it is very possible for some units to be infested while other have none. So please stop accusing others of making false reports.

There are no bedbugs in this building. The individual who submitted this is mistaken and should get his or her facts straight before making this an issue.

Many bed bugs found under mattress.

No nearby bug reports