15 Maitland Pl
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I lived in this building for 4 years, it is a well managed building. Public areas are always clean. The health spa change rooms are cleaned everyday including Sunday. Bed bugs problem has nothing to do with the cleaningness of the permise, nor the occupants. Everytime we go into the public, be it restaurants, theatre, subway cars, we are at risk of picking them up. Be proactive and deal with it as swiftly as possible.

One suggestion from a friend: Instead of throwing out your bed, first try

to use the steam function on your iron to spray your mattress, it may kill the bugs. (and head board, carpet around the bed).

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The previous poster who is renting a condo in 15 Maitland Place is not portraying a fair picture of the building.

This is one of the best managed buildings in Toronto. There is an on-site full-time manager who is right on top of things. Staff in the building keep the property immaculately clean.

Common areas are well managed. Potentially problematic ares, such as trash, chutes, lockers... are treated regularly.

I have no doubt that any complaint about pests in the building will be

acted upon immediately.

Perhaps the previous poster should instead complain to the owner of the suite they are renting from for issues within the suite.

I have lived in this building for a dozen years and have yet to see any insects in the common areas

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I spent an afternoon there with my friend, he rents there, went swimming and gym. There was a dead bedbug in the corner of the pool room. Flat and rusty brown, yes, a bed bug.
Strange, because the same bugs can be found in the gym locker room at the downtown Y.

OMG!! I live in this building and recently after a few nights sleep I had these mysterious itchy red bumps on my legs. My BF also had a few and we thought it was weird that we both woke with them. We suspected something wonky in the bedding and changed the sheets. Now I want to throw out my bedding UGH! I can also the attest that the bulding manager is anything but pleasant and I would not even waste time raising the issue with him. Thank God Im only a renter of the pit! Fingers crossed so

on to be MOVING OUT to a better place!

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