138 Wellesley St E
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Bedbugs are in the building. Also got a flyer from someone in 142 stating there's bedbugs in that building as well. Now we wait and see what the Landlords do.

Found a bedbug moving erratically on my wall and called the super (Greg). He came down despite it being 8-9pm at night to confirm it was a bedbug. What had happened was someone in the building brought in a mattress and bedframe from the side of the road and infested their apartment with bedbugs. Greg got the exterminators in to spray, hence why a dying bedbug was crawling around randomly on the wall.

I haven't seen any since and my apartment is clean but he's said at the first sight of them

you have to file a request for repairs sheet out at the office for the rental company to take it seriously.

The super and new building manager seem to be doing their best but there's not much you can do against stupidity of that extent.

see full report...

I lived in this building for 1 year, and was the worse experience of my life. In 2007 I got home from a trip and when I layed on my bed, I felt something under my sheets, it was infested of bedbug... the landlord didn't care much, I spent money buying plastic bags and had to wash all my clothes.
After days complaning, they decided to spray my apartment, when they took out the wallpaper, it was full of bedbugs. I moved right away and they didn't give my rent that I had pay in advance back.

Major Bed Bug Infestation in March 2009
Treatment same month
Repeated in May 2009
Repeated in Nov 2009

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