120 Maitland St
Toronto, ON M4Y

Found 2 reports:

I've only ever seen 2 bed bugs for this building, but they sprayed thoroughly in all units over the summer of 2012. I've also had an ongoing issue with mice that the landlords will not deal with and refuse to acknowledge. I hear them in the walls, I've found them in cupboards and a desk drawer, I've caught them alive in tupperware. Also, ants in the kitchen and bathroom that seem to be immune to the ant poison.

The superintendent did not paint or clean before I moved in as promised, and th

e building is filthy. The garbage piles up in between the 3 buildings, amidst dog poo deposited by the super's dog, probably contributing to my mice problem.

You don't want to live here. I'm leaving the second my lease is up.

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Someone in this building has reported seeing bedbugs in mid-July 2011. I have not discovered them, but my unit is being treated. The unit and adjacent units are being sprayed on Monaday, July 18, 2011.

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