120 Homewood Ave
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I suffered from a small bed bug infestation in the spring of 2011 (end of May to mid June). I had bites, and found one live bug and one shell casing. I am a renter, and Del Condominium Rentals, who I rent from, was not interested in my problem, telling me that it was my responsibility to deal with infestations of any kind, and implying that I was dirty. I was able to rid myself of the problem at great personal cost, and after three visits by the exterminator. If you are considering moving into t

his building, or buying a unit here, be aware that Del Rent, which manages a significant number of units in the building, is not interested in managing bed bug infestations, meaning that they could spread into other units if people are unwilling to seek or unable to afford the proper treatments.

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