105 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y

Found 38 reports:

Been there to rent and talked to the tenants and visited their apartments.
Move in and be prepared to deal with:
1.Management Careless/Rude (agree with other person post about Natalia)
2. Cockroaches coming through filthy vents.(vents sometimes blows stinky polluted air in instead of sucking air out) City Inspectors should check that building ventilation system - looks like building ventilation system does not meet any kind of standards.
3. Bedbags will be part of your life.
4. In some of a

partments,kitchens closets seems to be older then grandpa and painted multiple times over and over paint thickness is like 2 mm?? ... definitely looks crappy, even cheaper rental buildings I have seen have way nicer closets.

tenants are mostly very friendly people,but that's not enough to move in.
lookin' somewhere else.

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March 2015
Just called to view a unit and lady who answered (Natalia?) was rude, abrupt and didn't care to provide details. Took a walk to see where the building was situated and spoke to a few tenants living there - working class / seemed liek decent folks....nothing good to report; they have roches, bugs and while speaking to them a homeless man with ALL his bags came out of the building obviously from a good night sleep.

Tenants reported that what I experienced over the phone when inquiri

ng about availability is what they experience EVERY DAY ...

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Dear Anonymous re: smoke detectors

If you have serious concerns about fire safety in your building/ your unit...some advice:

Go buy a smoke detector, and present the office with the bill.

If they balk, have a printed copy of the RTA regulations re: landlord obligations to provide smoke detectors.

If they still balk after you've pointed out their legal responsibilities, be polite and smile and say ok. And then leave and go look for fire extinguishers around the building. Check for

tags on them. Don't take the tags off or mess with them, just note whether they've been inspected monthly. Look for the gauge---a dial on the handle of the extinguisher. Is the dial on the gauge in the green region, or the red (i.e., are your fire extinguishers in proper working condition, charged up & ready to go in an emergency)--? If the dial's in the red, it might be good to call the fire department and ask them about current legal guidelines for individual units/ your building in general. If management is ignoring safety regs, the fire dep't will direct you to the proper inspectors to report it. That might get better results than calling the LTB first.

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Bedbugs and cockroaches seem to be a problem for some people in this building. I personally have not had a problem with them.
However, the property management in this building is awful.
I have lived at 105 for almost a year now and have to say almost every encounter I have had with them has been a Hassel. Maintenance issue: I have filled out forms for the same issue many times and although a contractor has shown up in a timely matter to address the issue he has failed to fix the problem. It's

frustrating to deal with management because they seem to give the attitude that it is not their problem and could care less about the issue.
I also do not have a smoke detector in my unit. No it hasn't fallen off... There literally is no system even installed in my unit. This is a huge deal for me, I have spoken with them many times over the last 5 months regarding this issue and still nothing has been done. Not only does it put my life at risk but also my neighbors.
Frustrated, I told her I would be calling the landlord/tenant board regarding the issue and she responded "oh we're going to play that game?" I then began receiving noise complaints when I hadn't even been home (saved work schedule to prove absence).
So would I recommend this building. The building staff is friendly (cleaners) and the building is well maintained. But dealing with the property management is just not worth the Hassel.

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- Length of residence: 2.5 years so far

- I live on 4 floor. (105 Isabella)

- Bedbug Issue: Never

- Cockroach Issue: Never - NOT EVEN A TINY ONE.

- Management Issue:
The managers and the account treat me very friendly. They also handle my questions/concerns quickly. Honestly, I do not even understand why some people here complain about the management of this building at all. They do not offer five star white gloves services here for sure, but I think they are all quite decent peop

le. I also do not believe they treat tenants differently.

It's possible some units suffer from bedbugs or cockroaches in this building before since this is an old building in downtown Toronto. If you look at the map on your right hand side, you will find almost all the buildings in this area or in downtown Toronto have similar reports. However, personally, I have NEVER had bedbug or cockroaches issues in my unit or heard anyone (neighbours) had this kind of issues. (At least not on 4F).

I understand the purpose of this site is to provide community support but it seems some people have used this site as a mean to attack the building management. If you are telling the truth, that's great! If not, you may want to stop.

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Wade 105 Isabella :
If cleaning solutions could kill bedbugs or their eggs, everyone would just wipe down their possessions/ baseboards/ floors with some Mr. Clean or some Dettol and there probably wouldn't be an epidemic.
IT. IS. NOT. ABOUT CLEANLINESS, so stop with the disinformation about how anyone who complains about infestation is just a dirty slob who causes their own problems, or a big fat liar..

Years ago I lived in a highrise next door to a couple who had an infestation. They we

re total clean freaks, and I wasn't. Four years there, I saw one roach in year two , killed it, never saw another bug in my unit. Why did my neighbors have bedbugs and cockroaches but I didn't? I don't know, but I'm glad I moved when I did, because it was probably just a matter of time before I'd have gotten them too.

I DO know it's unlikely anyone called Health Canada about it, and I do remember when management sent in pest control to spray the place that there were no quarantine signs anywhere in the building---before, during, or after PC showed up. I'd have noticed.

Something I couldn't help BUT notice, though, were the rashes my neighbors had, and their exhaustion after getting bitten all night every night for weeks.

I worked in property management at another company at one point, and have two close friends who live at 105 Isabella. One is considering filing a claim with the LTB. If I state too many specifics here it might hurt her case.

So, here's what I CAN say:

1. Wade, on the off-chance you are an actual tenant (which I highly doubt)...you're like me at my old building.
You're lucky. That's all. Statistically, even a terribly managed building of 300+ tenants has a few units that never need maintenance or repairs done, or whose maintenance requests ARE handled promptly and efficiently with relatively little stress or inconvenience to their tenants.

2. I've seen firsthand how RAAMCO (the prop. mgmt corp. at 105 Isabella) treated one of their tenants, and it makes what I've read in this comment thread seem tame by comparison. To get an idea, here, just check out the way Wade blames people who get bedbugs & need repairs: (sic) "It's their fault! They caused the kind of problems people are bitching about!"

That property management company represents everything people dislike about big corporations and bad management, and I would never have treated any of my tenants the way I saw them treat my friend. My old boss would've fired me on the spot if I ever ignored my legal responsibilities to tenants or stressed them out unnecessarily like that.

After that, whenever I visited my girlfriends in that building I made a point of chatting up other tenants in the elevator, and if only half of what I've heard there is true,I couldn't live in this building if you paid me.

Your mileage, of course, may vary...

3. It's always smart to know your rights and keep records of times/dates, details of interactions with building management if maintenance/ pest control requests go ignored or are poorly done..
^That's true of ANY landlord, because if you ever do have to go over their heads to the LTB to get work done, you'll need to have all your ducks in a row--times and dates and who said what, full names of staff or any witnesses, photos of rashes or shoddy work, etc.. Best case scenario, you'll never have to file a claim. Worst case scenario, you'll need a record of it to keep your landlord observant of the law.Don't hold off on keeping a record, because any inaccuracies or vagueness will undermine your claim in front of the LTB.

I can't stress that^ enough. It's true no matter where you live, but my personal opinion is it goes double if you live in certain buildings. If your landlord is the type to blame you for things that aren't your fault (so they can legally shift THEIR responsibilities & costs onto YOU)...you need to stay on top of them. Some people have the energy for that. I don't. I have to watch my back enough at work---I don't need to have to come home & do it there, too! haha

4. Re: the $50 fee that tenants have to pay for their mailbox key is a refundable deposit. I checked this with LTB this morning. Tenants are responsible for the cost of replacing both lost mailbox keys AND new locks (roughly $50), so don't lose your key or you'll forfeit your deposit and will probably have to cough up another $50 deposit before they'll let you access your mail..
If they didn't mention this^ when they presented you with a $50 tab...I can't say I'm surprised.

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Management and stuff are HORRIBLE!!!! (and we do pay rent every month) if you need something to repair, be prepared to wait and visit office and constantly remaind them about your problem! handyman came to me fixed half of the problem and when i asked who`s gonna fix whats left, the guy said "i dont know, i am here to change only this, go ask manager" wtf??? i waited 2 days and then went to the office wrote another work order and only then they came to finish it...sooo lazy. also we had an issu

e with heighbours AC, it was leaking and we had mold issue in the bedroom ceiling, maintenance guy came and said....your heighbours upstairs don`t have an AC...i said i you go outside and look, they are the only people from that side of the building who has the AC!!! And guess what, nooothing was done, my husband had to take off all the paint, clean all the mold, do plastering, sanding and then paint! We just tired to argue....we gonna wait till september to move out!

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I've been a resident at this location going on 4 years as of October 2012. Not once have I seen a cockroach or a single bedbug in my unit. Perhaps all these bitching tenants are ppl who don't keep a clean home, or have been problem tenants who ultimately were evicted for causing such problems like all the ones on can read about here. For example all I'm reading on this bedbug site are all the problems tenants are saying about this building. Issues not even relevant to a bedbug incident. Water co

nstantly being shit off for repairs(this i can say is true) elevator problems not that I've seen roach problems possibly but again I've never seen one.

All one needs to do is go down the list and one gets a strong feeling of bullSh** from these posters all anon of course that in itself speaks volume.

Just thought a current tenant residing 4yrs now can shed some light on this situation. Also not once in the 4 yrs I've lived here has the ontario health board of canada officially listed or quarantined this building or a single unit for a bug infestation of any kind.

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I moved in to this apartment 2 months ago. I should say that the place looks clean. However, I have had numerous issues to complain about the management. The fact that they don't tell you that certain things will change ahead of time. It seems as if they are making up things, like changing the rental fee, how it just changed recently. The price of the parking spot, the first and last that comes with it. These things should be discussed before signing the application, NOT after it's been done.

think this place be investigated. They can't just be changing things around and tell the tenants that it's NOT their fault.
Also, it's true that there are cockroaches in the apartment! my room mate has seen one! Our apartment is so clean and it's impossible that we will have this, but it's all the unseen holes is the problem.
For those of you who wants to make a complaint and maybe ask that we should get the price of the apartment lowered down, we should all get together and do this!

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My neighbour just got bed bugs the people beside her are now getting treated for bed bugs, i guess I'm next. Never ending. i was good for a year and now I'm back to the battle, lovely. I am considering calling the Tribunal for rent reduction, calling my city councillor for this ward to let him/her know that this is horrible conditions for to people live in. My friend did this and got some results, I recently found out that the funding for bed bugs has been cancelled as well, so it may be a l

osing battle.

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The management here is constantly disrespectful to its tenants. Although I have had no bed bugs myself, I can confirm that 2 of my neighbors have them and have told me they have reported it several times without a response...I have sealed all of my baseboards myself but am still on edge that we may get them in the apartment.
I definatley recommend finding a different place to live. My fridge has been broken for the last month and regardless of multiple reports filed there still has been nothin

done about it. The stairwells are littered with urine and cockroaches and again.... Nothing is done about it

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Bed bugs again, my neighbour gets them then I get them, they get roaches...I get them it has become a losing battle. Every couple of months I have to spend a day bagging everything up, get sprayed spend about $60 on laundry put everything away and wait for another few months before I have to do it again. PAIN IN THE ASS. It's warmer now so I'm waiting for the cockroaches to move in and start the whole process over again. Welcome to 105 isabella ooh and you can get crack on the 2nd floor, gre

at place to live. If I could afford to move that would be awesome.

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As well, if anyone knows of any other reasonably priced apartment buildings in the same area please let me know!

I have an appointment to view this place next week - how is the bug situation? I've never had bugs and DONT WANT EM!!!!!!!! Can someone let me know please?!

Lived there one of the worst places I have ever lived.
The good thing is its quiet from inside. Outside the building, it's not safe at all, a lot of drugs and homeless people find their way into the building .The water is shut off every other week. I have seen bed bugs and rats inside the building. Management just randomly change charges for miscellaneous things not in the contract . one morning they just woke up and put a sign that we now have to pay for a new mail box key $ 50 bucks.
The v

isitor parking is not safe to have someone park their car when visiting, several cars have been broken into. The heat is controlled by managemnet so sometimes it's either too cold or too hot. Honestly. I wouldn't let anyone I care about liege there.

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<B> BEWARE!!! </B>

* Good location

* Bed bugs
* Cockroaches
* Unprofessional management(lost cheques,bad bookkeeping, etc.)
* No elevator to garage (Disabled unfriendly)
* Constant water repairs (at least once a month)
* Ridiculous Charges! ex. locker key =$50 ???


Whoohoo I get to get sprayed again. i love moving all of my furniture and dishes and removing my pet and having to clean all of my dishes and linens and bedding over and over and over again. Whoever is writing these positive bleeps of bull...t obviously works here and is trying to to deter the problem .....smartin up. This is costing tentants tons of money replacing all of there stuff. This is a huge problem here. all of the garbage out back and people bringing it back in the building ...S

TOP IT!!! We can't afford to replace this furniture. I have scars on my face from bed bug bites, enough already. I'm at the point where the City of Toronto needs to be advised of this, and I have no problem informing them of the minimal actions this managament does to help the problem, including photos of the problem out back.

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The current management at 105 Isabella is the worst I have ever seen in over 25 years of renting apartments. Repairs are done the day before or after they've been scheduled, they "lose" work orders and rent cheques, apartment repairs are improperly done and then the company tries to blame/bill the tenant for THEIR contractors' shoddy work...

>>i'm pretty sure the negative comments about the building are those who cannot pay the rent but still pretending to be an elite individual<<


an "elite individual"--? Why would tenants pretend to be that? Why would people make false negative claims about a building that was actually decently managed? It's not like the landlord tenant board is going to look at this site and dismiss eviction claims from people who "can't afford the rent" on the basis of what's written here.

Good job on the company propaganda, though. 9_9

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Have been a tenant for 2 years. NO BED BUGS. NO COCKROACHES (not even the tiny German ones). Truly. Perhaps because I'm on a higher floor? Dunno. True there are lots of pets, but the building is kept clean. Anyways, my only complaints are the unsolicited junk mail at my apartment door (despite management rules) and some VERY noisy neighbours who think a high rise is a vertical disco. Overall, a good place to rent... c'mon, we're talking about a downtown Toronto rental, not those new expensive co

ndo$$$$ on Lakeshore!

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to Anonymous below. Thank you for your update. Do you care to let us know what floor you live on? That way people can be more prepared before it becomes a massive problem and ask for their units to be treated......or ask their units to be treated anyways. We need to work together on this to get rid of the problem!!


bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, they won't go away. i've had my place sprayed so many times, it is ridiculous. i have gaps between baseboards, there are gaps between my cupboards and walls, the place is a wreck, it's no wonder there are so many extra pets in the building. NOTE TO MGMNT: YOU NEED TO HAVE ALL UNITS IN AREA SPRAYED NOT JUST ONE AT A TIME!!!!

105 isabella is a great building. management is always ready to help and support tenants. i'm pretty sure the negative comments about the building are those who cannot pay the rent but still pretending to be an elite individual. no bedbugs in my unit for 4 years. nice and clean building.

Lived for 4 years, management is terrible. in the last 4 years there have been break and enters during the day. These were very violent in nature, nothing was done about security. bedbugs galore, roaches, drug dealers down the hall, homeless kids in the stairwell, police are here on a regular basis, if I could afford to move I would.

Lived for 4 years, management is terrible. in the last 4 years there have been break and enters during the day. These were very violent in nature, nothing was done about security. bedbugs galore, roaches, drug dealers down the hall, homeless kids in the stairwell, police are here on a regular basis, if I could afford to move I would.

Bed bugs are for sure in the building. Management moves quickly but doesn't seem worried at all. Not dealing with the building problem, just individual units. We threw out most of our stuff and when my husband saw someone going through the garbage (a VERY common occurance in this building) and taking our stuff out of the tightly sealed garbage bags and the broken furniture, he informed them that there are bed bugs in everything and they didn't care. Not only did they not care, but they broug

ht the items BACK INTO THE BUILDING!! Basically, they are there to stay.

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the last comment was written by management.
wow. rather than deal with the problem they spend their time promoting themselves.

when the building is cleaned up then people will stop posting information about roaches.

they spray and the roaches stay. you need to get into the walls people. there thousands of them.

so stop pretending like the problem is fixed. and don't post bullshit. this site is for tenants, not the fucking management to self promote.

In addition to my comment from last Friday having found a bed bug in the tub after my shower - contacted management and got a response immediately. Pest control came in right away. They did not find any other bed bugs or any other bug for that matter. They sprayed and steamed my mattress - very prompt - I was happy with the turn around time. The building itself is great, the neighbourhood is really good as well. Managemnt seems to be responsible and fast acting... Definitely not slum lords.

I found a bed bug in my tub when I got out of the shower this morning. It must have been in my towel - so disgusting. I e-mailed management right away and I'm waiting for a response.

Lived in apt in 2009. Worst spot we had ever lived as will detail below:

Great location
Relatively safe neighborhoud (there are some sketchy people around building sometimes)
Cheaper rent with month free

Lots of cockroaches
Bed bugs throughout building. When lived there were bedbugs on multiple floors.
Lack of managment strategy to deal with issue. Problem is since they were on multiple floors even if you get your apt sprayed if neighbouring units have them they will come

back. Also managment uses a group to spray which gives them good $ but does not necessarily provide best service.

Ideally avoid this spot. If you must live here abosolutely do not buy new furniture before moving in (esp bed/couch). Or if you bring a good bed make sure you have it incased in bedbug proof sheets (costs about $200).

Note to reader:
This comment is dated and I saw a comment in 2010 that management might have changed so hopefully that is the case. Also there are lots of older buildings in that area that appear to be dealing with this issue.

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What floor? Were the landlords notified? Thanks!

When moving out found bed bugs in mattress seams and sofa seams.

hello, currently living in 105 isabella and have been for the past 14 months. moving out end of february down the street. i'm moving in with a friend and am not leaving because of insects. great place for a first time renter out of uni. i've seen about 4 cockroaches in 14 months but definitely NO bedbugs at all! got a month of free rent when i signed up in dec. 2008. no complaints about 105 isabella for the most part. i'd be more worried about the odd bogun than a bedbug.

Haha... This place is so the 70's not surprised it shows up, however, have friend who live here and took there word... Three months and nothing to date.

Thought I would post to give double side to story, every building in Toronto area is listed on this site.... Will post back later once if anything comes up.

LOL... This place is awesome... never had a problem. I heard it was bad and when I told the new landlord (found out after talking) gave me a month free while she sprayed the place... Old Landlord must have been horrible is sounds like though... YIKES

81 shuter st - many rooms are infested, - tenants move out and the landlord does nothing, just re-rents the room!!!

Its no big surprise bedbugs ended up here at 105 Isabella. The supers and caretakers are ignorant brash, so the they fit together nicely.

210 Wychwood Avenue, Toronto, ON
started in an apartment on ground floor occupied by older man; spread to at least 5 or 6 apartments over three floors in this four story building

Bedbugs reported - no further information.

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