Bleecker St
Toronto, ON M4X

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275 Bleecker:
A nightmare from hell. Loud, rude immigrant neighbors. Violent crack-head neighbors. Stupid gross tenants who leave open garbage in the halls, elevators, garbage-shute rooms. Cockroaches, dirty balconies, leaks, toxic mould. After dealing with all I thought things couldn't get worse. I was so wrong. Now I'm dealing with bedbugs! This is so disgusting, so pathetic. This has changed my life. Nothing will ever be the same again. The 'management office' doesn't care at all. But why sh

ould they? They work for Toronto Communty Housing. They are nothing but slum lords. These are peoples homes! These are peoples lives! There is something very wrong with societies that allow people to live like this. It's not right.

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I never knew what bedbugs were. I recently traveled to the Caribbean. I went to my Dr complaining of itchiness, they thought I had scabies. Anyhow, one day I was changing my bed sheets and saw loads of eggs. This changed my life. I lost all my furnature etc etc. My landlord sprayed. It did nothing. Bleecker St is full of bedbegs. This experience changed my life!

I woke up one morning early about 5am.
For some reason which at the time I did not realise I had a line of itchy welts on my arm just up from
my elbow.Every night after that initial day my life has become a living nightmare.The fact that I was the only one getting bit was strange. I was told by the Doctor that it was not bug bites but an allergic
reaction to meds.I knew that this was not true.One day while getting dressed I noticed a small round black looking bug walking in my clothing d

rawer.Someone told me to look underneath my mattress.The bedbugs where there and just the site of them has profoundly changed the way that I think of insects.I have lost all my furniture and my savings.The landlord sprayed.On fridays the bedbug
exterminater has atleast 20 apts to spray.My neighbour had them for a year.I live out of bags.I live with fear and deppression.The most frustrating thing is NoONe IS DOING ANYTHING.THISISAPANDEMIC

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